400-665-9980 15920999917 (customer special line)
  • Enhance corporate image
  • Marketing tool for enterprises
  • Powerful enterprise switchboard
  • Number only nationwide
 400 core functions
  • Welcome words
    Customized for the enterprise, customers call the first time to convey true business information to customers, including products, services, culture and greetings, is the business's voice card.
  • IVR voice navigation
    To provide customers with the most convenient telephone guidance and guidance, so that customers feel that the scale of the enterprise is large and standardized, but also improve the efficiency of the various departments of the enterprise.
  • Line 1
    Support multiple customers at the same time dial access, avoid busy line. The system supports more than 1-999 people to dial 400 number access, saving the cost of opening relay function.
  • Call recording
    The whole process can be recorded and archived. The company can listen to or download the platform, providing important basis for the supervision of customer service quality and problem analysis.
  • Voice mail box
    Automatically record customer messages, facilitate the timely processing of message messages, and truly protect the corresponding 24 hours of service feedback.
  • Call interception
    The system supports users to set up a blacklist on the management platform. The blacklisted number will not be accessed, so as to effectively intercept malicious harassment.
  • Choose destination by time
    The 400 straight line numbers of the same enterprise can be selected to connect the corresponding destinations according to different time periods. The time period can choose 4 paragraphs at most, and the division of time periods can be determined in a variety of ways, such as holidays, weeks or hours.
  • According to the calling user Office
    Location selection destination
    According to the location of the calling user, the destination of call forwarding is supported.

400 the use range of numbers

400 telephone business is suitable for company switchboard, consultation hotline, after-sales service hotline, investment hotline, membership hotline, order hotline, sales hotline, guess the hotline, etc. It's the national unified call center access number.

1) the establishment of enterprise customer service hotline (call center) enterprises and institutions, such as securities and fund companies.

2) do business units in the whole country (including IT electronics, manufacturing, logistics, tourism services, media and information industries).

3) information value-added services, information stations, Internet Co (ISP/ICP), etc.

4) national chain enterprises;

5) government institutions, building a bridge between the government and the public.

6) failed to apply for a dedicated short number as the enterprise customer service center access code in the Ministry of Commerce.

Number classification Number type Selling price
Ordinary number Class D Irregularity 1200 yuan (1 years) 0.2 (tariff)
Class C AA*BB*, AB*AB, AB*AB*, AAB, ABA 1380 yuan (1 years) 0.18 (tariff)
The mantissa is 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 77. 1480 (1 years) 0.15 (tariff)
The mantissa is CBA.
Class B 400600, 400800, 400900 1800 (1 years) 0.12 (tariff)
400666, 400888, 400999
The mantissa is 00, 66, 99.
Mantissa ABC
Mantissa AABA
Class A Mantissa AAAB 2600 (1 years) 0.1 (tariff)
Mantissa ABBA
Mantissa ABAA
Mantissa 88
Super number Mantissa ABBB 7500-10000 (1 years) 0.1 (tariff)
Mantissa AABB
Mantissa ABAB
Mantissa AABCC

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