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Ma Yun talked about new retail: everyone is happy online and offline.

2017-06-12 Onlookers fever 4162 network marketing
On June 9th, Ma Yun, chairman of the board of Alibaba group, said at the 2017 Alibaba investor day conference: "the core of new retail is to sell goods to consumers and serve consumers." The better the cooperation between Alibaba and traditional retailing, the more beneficial it is for consumers. This is a great joy.

In response to an investor's question about how Alibaba understands new retail, Ma said that all online and offline practitioners should work in the same direction, that is, to make consumers happy.
Ma Yun said that the electricity supplier has only accounted for 15% of the total retail sales of consumer goods in China. If the electricity supplier can cooperate with 85% of the traditional retailers under the line, it will be a happy result. The most important thing is that consumers can enjoy better quality of experience and service.

Ma said that Alibaba and Yintai and Bailian have a lot of common understanding. "We believe that if we can help traditional retailers based on data-driven business, they will have a better future."
Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong, who answers questions from investors, said that Alibaba must be fully integrated online and offline. Yintai and Bailian are two different proving grounds. Alibaba online investment layout, including Suning, Sanjiang, etc., all hope to use the Internet, big data, logistics and payment capabilities to help retail partners to achieve digital transformation, complete business restructuring. "We believe that new retail will grow rapidly with data driven and change the lifestyle of Chinese consumers."
New retail is Alibaba's new strategic vision for the future. It is the integration of online and offline driven by big data and the digitalization of the core elements of retail. " Speaking yesterday at the conference, CEO Zhang Yong of Alibaba group stressed that Tmall has been completely different from the past under the promotion of the new retail strategy. "Tmall truly becomes the main position for global brands to realize the new retail transformation and the main engine leading to China's quality consumption."

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