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The optimization of website construction of small and medium-sized enterprises depends on these three points.

2017-06-16 Onlookers fever 4580 Station knowledge
With the development of Internet, no matter what type of enterprise it is, it has its own official website. Not only to keep pace with the times, but also to carry out network marketing well. Through the network channels to expand their business channels, through the promotion of the network to expand the position of the enterprise products in the market, increase the influence, establish brand so as to achieve sustainable development.
So what is the importance of corporate website? How should we optimize the website construction of small and medium-sized enterprises? Wu Bai billion Xiaobian believes that through a few points, we can further optimize the website:
1, enhance the opening speed of website.
When the user clicks into the website, the speed of the website's jump time determines the status of the website in the user's mind. In the process of website construction, website builders should strive to improve the speed of site jumping. This not only occupies a certain advantage in competition, but also improves user experience.
Note that when upgrading the site to open speed, do not just stand on the server to optimize external factors, but also take into account the internal site optimization, such as website code optimization, image optimization, etc., should consider the optimization of jump.
2, enhance user access time.
When users search your website through keywords, and stay on your website longer, there are more pages to browse. Then the search engine will think that this is a good site. It will pay more attention to the site and give higher trust value. So this requires us to provide higher quality content, and at the same time to provide users with a large number of high-quality articles recommended.
For example, all kinds of navigation websites can be clearly typed, and users can clearly find the content and location they want to see. The relevant content is set in the recommended page. The article is set up in the next guide bar, so that more visitors can see more pages and stay longer.
3, improve click rate, reduce the jump rate.
Nowadays, search engines are becoming more and more intelligent and pay more and more attention to user experience. Therefore, it can not only make ranking up, but also maximize user's attention and click rate. So in the construction of small and medium-sized enterprises website, we should think about what the users' needs are and what users want to do. What content can better enhance the click rate of the site?
When you first attract users, you should have a good title and matching keywords, write related topic topics, so as not to cause the sense of the title not to be written, and affect the user's experience. Therefore, we should not only improve the quality of website content, but also pay attention to the layout optimization and content refining.
Finally, do friends link and outside chain, increase the exposure of the website. As long as we stick to it, there will be some traffic and the ranking will be loiter.

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