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How to obey the basic guidelines of website construction for enterprise website design

2017-06-21 Onlookers fever 4941 Station knowledge
Now, with the development of technology, web sites are becoming more and more new technologies, such as scripting language, HTML5 and so on, and responsive website design and production are becoming more and more popular. Although new technologies emerge in an endless stream, we still can't forget the most basic core elements of websites. These elements will not be left behind with changes in technology and times. Below, Wu Bai billion website construction will talk about the basic guidelines for website design.
Website building special website design pays attention to consistency.

Website construction is like a whole building, but web design is just like the decoration of this building. The website operation is the overall planning and layout of the building. Therefore, webpage design is good or bad directly determines whether the overall decoration of the website is successful, so we need to keep the website consistent. Otherwise, the website structure will be destroyed.
For example, in designing web pages, web site navigation is usually located on the head of the website, and sub navigation is located in the side sidebar of the website.
Does website navigation menu need interaction design?

I decide whether web site navigation needs interaction design, depending on whether the website itself and the website are ready to interact with the website navigation menu in the early stage. Good website design and poor website design, the fundamental tea language is whether to plan ahead, if it is to covet the overall beauty of the website, forcing the website navigation column to make interaction design, this is a bit of a snake.
Does the website need to remain blank?

Although SEO or website operations are circulating like this, "content is king", the website itself needs to carry content information. Many web designers focus on website blank in designing websites, which is not contradictory with website content information filling. As long as the overall layout of the page is clear, the structure is clear, the information is beautiful, the website blank is also a good choice. This gives users more buffering time, allowing users to feel the sense of rhythm of the website.

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