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For the traditional enterprises to plug in the wings of the Internet

2017-06-20 Onlookers fever 20788 Company news
Under the background of the "Internet plus" era, O2O is booming, and the shared economy is in the ascendant. Similar to a "two-dimensional code" to solve many domestic bicycle business bottlenecks in the development of numerous cases, "shared economy +" let more and more people understand that business can do so.
Breaking through the limitations and allowing enterprises to seamlessly connect with talents
In the era of Internet and mobile Internet, service outsourcing platform has also springing up and developing rapidly. However, in the past, the market of enterprise creative service industry, because of the non standardization of products, is faced with problems such as disputes in the trading process, lack of guarantee of transaction quality, difficulty in protecting intellectual property rights, and low transaction mode.
        Based on the dual "pain spot" of the difficulty of employing enterprises and the idle intellectual resources, the Guangzhou United Mdt InfoTech Ltd has broken the original transaction mode and upgraded it to create a brand new business platform for customers, including enterprise portal, industry portal, government portal, education publishing, Association Chamber of Commerce, gift industry, insight into the market and changes in user needs. Take the best plan for our customers.

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