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3 steps to optimize website construction

2017-06-27 Onlookers fever 4416 Station knowledge

The website chain is a very important topic in all the SEO optimization process. What is the problem of attention? As long as the staff who are engaged in website optimization will have their own understanding of these problems, and also have some contact with these knowledge, and no matter how the future search engine changes the algorithm, the importance of this algorithm will not be reduced, even in the current Baidu. Algorithm adjustment is also indispensable today.

First step of website construction

In the early stage of the website construction, all work is to enhance the ranking of the keywords of the website, so the work is carried out around these, which makes the link of the website point to the front page at this time. The idea of the website is to start from the home page. Only when the front page of the website is made, Baidu will give you the corresponding weight. The ranking of the website will also be improved. Watching the weight of a website is to see the ranking of keywords. The ranking of keywords also makes a transition state, that is, whether your ranking is before 20. When your keyword comes to the top 20, Baidu's algorithm at that time has changed accordingly. This change is also a condition of increasing weight. This is also based on the quality of user experience, which is directly linked to daily clicks. At this time, the impact of the external chain on my lottery buying platform will be reduced, I will be less on the external chain, and the number of external chains on the front page will be reduced.

The second step is the medium term work of website construction.

In the middle of the era, there will be more than one single site entry. These more entries will have to increase the key words accordingly, because the next step is to do the key words of the article page. You should not expect that the key words on the column page can contribute to the website now. This process is gradual. Therefore, we must take into account the role of the external chain, to this time, the website's home page promotion has reached a bottleneck, and the more external chain will not cause much impact on it, but the target page and article page are different, so this can be greatly improved.

The third step is website construction.

Website construction to the later stage, the optimization personnel will find that the rankings of the home page and column page of the website will reach a very stable state, and the ranking of keywords is also relatively stable. At this time, the website's external chain release planning is the key word of the long tail words. After that, the optimization of each long tail keyword is done one by one, and this effect is the most obvious.

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