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How to query the domain name registration number

2017-06-28 Onlookers fever 4913 Website filing

Sometimes, when we want to judge the basic situation of a website, we need to inquire about the archival situation of the website and see whether the website is legitimate or not, so that there is a basic guarantee. Look at the website filing, the simplest is the domain name record, because you know this website, you know the domain name, it is easy to query the website's record information.

  1. First of all, please enter the ICP/IP address / domain name information management system (www.miitbeian.gov.cn) of the Ministry of industry and information, and remember that the name of this website is all right. Baidu will enter the website for record and choose the first official website.

  2. This reminds our friends that some people may give different information when introducing websites, but this is the official website. Some websites have links to this website in the bottom record number. Other websites may also be found, but they are not guaranteed to be timely and accurate.

  3. Then go to the front page of the registration website, pull it to the lower right part of the front page, see a public query column, click enter:

  4. Then choose the first "record information inquiry" option on the left side:

  5. Then choose the query content on the right side. We need to remind you here that personal experience is to choose " Website domain name The best domain name is "www" without the word "www.baidu.com", and the domain name is "baidu.com". The reason for choosing a domain name is that the name of the website may not be the home page name you see, the home page address itself does not contain WWW, and some websites may write their own wrong ones.

    Remember, the domain name is XXX.com/cn/me/org and so on. Last, do not add "/", or pure letters or numbers. Take "baidu.com" as an example:

  6. After submission, you can see the abbreviated information of the query. You can click "detailed" to view the specific information:

  7. When you look at the details, you will jump out of a verification code.

  8. After typing correctly, it will jump to the specific detail page. If the error is wrong, restart it.

  9. Above is the specific steps to query the domain name of the website. The code should not be afraid of input. Others may not be imported, but they may not be accurate. Hope to help everyone.

    Matters needing attention

    • When you query a domain name, do not add http:// and the following ones.

    • Verify code is accurate, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes.

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