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99% misunderstanding of network marketing beginners

2017-06-27 Onlookers fever 4402 network marketing

Learning Internet marketing is actually not as difficult as it is, nor is it so simple. It's like answering, "tiger or lion, who is fierce?" Such a question, I think, no matter what your result is, you will need to add a precondition, rather than draw the background and draw simple and crude conclusions.

But when we talk about conditions, it becomes complicated and runs counter to our simple pursuit. But unfortunately, this is the reality. So when we look for a solution, we should consider the relevant foundation and conditions more fully.

In the implementation of network marketing, many are conditional. Look at the following points:

1, the more keywords, the better.

2, promotion channels should be widely distributed.

3, friends circle and WeChat group remain active.

The above views are the basic consensus in network marketing. But when landing, it is conditional to achieve good results. Ignoring the precondition of these knowledge points may lead to poor execution. What are their prerequisites?

Key words

For "the more keywords, the better," if it is to put the bidding ads, the condition is "someone search, someone click on the keyword" the more the better.

If you have a large number of long tail keywords on the back of your account, but many words do not bring any clicks, then this will drag down the overall quality score of your account, resulting in lower advertising effect and higher cost. Therefore, for competitive bidding, keyword quality is better than quantity.

Many people will question whether the free SEO should also be considered. For example, in order to optimize more keywords, some companies have planned many classified catalogues in the official website's auxiliary navigation location. This idea was originally correct, because the ranking key page ranking weight is higher in the whole station. But then comes the question:

When you open these classified catalog pages, many are just one or two products, or even blank, without any product filling. These almost blank Catalog Pages cause the search engine to belong to high copy, low quality webpage, no interest in collection, let alone ranking.

Some websites simply link different categories of keywords to the same web site. The essence is to optimize synonyms and synonyms, which results in the website being reduced to the right of search engine.

In fact, for SEO, the premise that the more keywords are, the better you can ensure that you write different text content for each keyword page. So we often say that the biggest bottleneck of SEO lies in content, because you have to find ways to make great difference in web content for users with great user experience.

Two, promotion channels

Nowadays, Internet users go online to diversify, plus mobile phones, computers, cross screen access to information, network promotion channels need the entire network layout, in order to capture those scattered users. But when we are busy with the layout of "whole network marketing", please note that an important premise is "phased focus". But why do you say that?

Because the reality of most small and medium enterprises is: lack of human resources in network marketing, lack of funds and limited experience. In contrast, every important channel of network marketing, such as electronic business platform, search engine, social network, and every channel must be done well, and the effect of order is needed.

Although we have systematic knowledge, it is best to choose the focus of the stage according to our actual situation when we go to the ground to implement. At this stage, which channels need to focus on breakthroughs and which channels occupy the position. If we neglect our resources, we will go all out and invest in the "whole network" every day. The effect is not good, because every channel can not be done. From this point of view, the promotion of post settings should also be done in accordance with the channel division.

Three. Activity level

Have you noticed that there is an interesting phenomenon in WeChat, that is, people often use groups to clean up the address book. Why? It's very simple. Nowadays, everyone has the demand for clear powder, but who is good? If a person stays in the address book silently, it will pour out. This group of powder will come out like a gun, and the other party will see it out of sight.

We say that we need to be active in social marketing, keep speaking, commenting and commenting, because every interaction is like an advertisement showing people's impression. But if the content produced by your interaction is of little significance or even nonsense to the target customers, the consequences of positive interaction are actually shielded or deleted. Therefore, social networking should do more valuable interaction with customers rather than blindly remain active.

In reality promotion, the marketing methods that need additional conditions can be done more than keywords, channels and social networks. Here is just to remind everyone, especially the beginner of network marketing, when you are having difficulties in network promotion, you may try to examine the problem from the premise of the premise, maybe you can find the answer.

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