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What does Internet marketing mainly do?

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Internet marketing is a new marketing way based on the Internet, which uses information and network media to achieve the purpose of marketing. To put it simply, Internet marketing is a marketing activity that takes the Internet as the main means to achieve a certain marketing purpose.

What can I learn from Internet Marketing?

What kind of work can I do in learning network marketing? I can see some jobs in the recruitment, but I don't know the specific requirements of the post. How did this mentality come into the business?

General network marketing involves posts: website planning, network editing, network media public relations, network consulting, website design, SEO and so on.

Website planning is mainly responsible for website layout, planning of the website in the middle and later stages. Web editors are responsible for the content of websites.

Website design is mainly responsible for the layout of the website.

SEO is mainly responsible for website optimization ranking, natural traffic and so on.

It is suggested that science majors should consider more technical aspects, such as design, SEO and so on. Liberal arts can choose consulting, editing, media and public relations.

What are the advantages of Internet Marketing?

1, the network marketing user group is big, the audience is wide.

According to reliable data, China has more than 600 million Web sites, and more in the world, and 44.71% of their Internet users often use search engines (which are used many times a day). The number of users who use a search engine every day also accounts for 17.2%, that is, the number of users who use search engines up to 61.91% per day, which means that more than half of Internet users begin to rely on search engines. Based on this user base and composition, search engine has become an important marketing tool for enterprise marketing.

2, low cost, fast speed, flexible change.

In the short period of the launch, customers can quickly complete the production according to the needs of customers, while the cost of traditional advertising production is high and the delivery cycle is fixed. In addition, it is difficult to change advertisements in traditional media. Even if they can be changed, they often cost a lot of money. And advertising on the Internet can change advertising content in time according to customer needs. In this way, changes in business decisions can be implemented and promoted in a timely manner.

3, employment and entrepreneurship.

In addition to taking office, the biggest feature of Internet marketing is free entrepreneurship. The Internet is undoubtedly the best platform for us in this era. More than 90% of the millionaires all over the world are built on the Internet.

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