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What is the difference between network promotion and network marketing?

2016-12-06 Onlookers fever 4384 network marketing

Network promotion and network marketing are different concepts. Network marketing focuses on marketing level, and pays more attention to the actual economic benefits after network marketing. The emphasis of network promotion is on promotion. More emphasis is paid to website traffic, world ranking, traffic volume, registration volume and so on, which are brought to enterprises through promotion. The purpose is to expand the popularity and influence of the popularized objects. It can be said that network marketing must contain the step of network promotion, and network promotion is the core work of network marketing. When you promote your product information, your advantages will be extended to potential customers, so that your advertising is everywhere. Internet marketing is actually trading online. It is estimated that many friends like to mix network marketing and internet promotion when they first contact with internet marketing. They think that network promotion is network marketing, and network marketing is network promotion. In fact, otherwise, let's start with the difference between the two.

Network promotion: focus on promoting the two words, literally understand it, promote the meaning of the two word is: make the product as far as possible to let more people know, as long as let others know that this product, then the purpose of the promotion is achieved, is also a successful promotion. Often the network promotion investment is relatively small, from the human aspect, a person can also operate. The key to the success of network promotion is execution, such as changing links. This is a basic promotion.

Network marketing: it focuses on the two words of marketing, and the purpose of our marketing is not only to promote products, but also to let people know about products. The key is to produce real economic benefits. To measure whether a marketing job is good or not, it often depends on how many products or services it sells. And usually Internet marketing investment is relatively large, nor is it possible for a person to get it done. Teamwork is needed. Creativity is the key to network marketing success. For example, event marketing, many people know, also understand how to operate. But the key to the success of event marketing depends on the good or bad of the event planning, and one point is to rely entirely on creativity, and the same events can not be duplicated. It does not mean that the executive power is very strong, and very hard, we can come up with good ideas. So when we are doing network marketing, we must pay attention to: "we are doing marketing, not promoting, do not stare at the promotion of data to see." For example, to see IP numbers and so on, we must look at the final marketing results.

Network marketing and network promotion are not the same thing. In fact, internet promotion should be included in network marketing. First of all, network promotion, to the network promotion, is promoting, that is, you use the network to promote your product, so that your product as much as possible to let more people know, this is its main purpose. But in fact, it doesn't care about your sales. But network marketing is focused on marketing two words, it is through a variety of marketing means to produce practical economic benefits. It should be said that this network promotion is an important means of network marketing, and also an important part. For example, network promotion, it should be said that it is more important to display and promote, most of them are to bring you IP, with PV, right? For example, to increase the so-called popularity and conversion rate to you, but say how much you sell, for example, if your business is online or business, or how many products you can sell, this promotion will not guarantee your effect, nor does it have this function. And network marketing is the opposite, network marketing to ensure that you sell things and products, this is the most important. Moreover, the general network promotion investment is relatively small, and a person can do it, but network marketing is often invested more, and it also needs teamwork. And the success of network marketing is executive power, for example, forum posting, you perform well, you send it to the computer every day, I study which forum to issue, right? How to send, how to cause the interaction of netizens, you execute strong, OK, this network promotion you are cattle.

The most important thing of network marketing is to look at planning power, such as event marketing, but how does event marketing work? What's the effect? It depends entirely on your creativity, not on your executive power, but on execution. In particular, the third, this is also a misunderstanding of some enterprises. Here, he thinks that he has recruited a person, then he has created a website, or has taken some photos to send it up every day. This is called network marketing, which should bring me a lot of income, which is a misunderstanding of planning. What is this equivalent to? This is equivalent to advertising on the roadside. For example, now, especially the sale of buildings, all small advertising. The man who sent out leaflets on the street came to send a leaflet and a leaflet was sent by a person. I did this job when I was in middle school. This is called a promoter, not a salesman. He guaranteed that for example, I had 700 leaflets in my hand, I sent 700 flyers a day, sent out to OK, and when I finished my work, you gave me money. Then, how many people buy you this building has nothing to do with me. What I earn is hard money. But this real estate developer, he marketing center, for example, marketing department, he is not the case, then the boss no matter how many leaflets he sent, how much you sent me, even if you sent 20 copies, the 20 people came to buy my building, then you do a good job in marketing. Even if the people of the whole earth, one hand, you have sent to Mars, but no one bought a house, then you marketing failed. But for the promotion of advertising, he can send to Mars, for him, this is the promoter of cattle, this is the difference between them. So when we go to the enterprises, we must give the boss a clear understanding and let him understand the misunderstanding. That is to say, when you go to a business, you should first let the boss know whether you are marketing or promotion. If you are looking for a promoter, OK, I will increase the volume of your business. How much money you earn will not matter to me. But if you want to do marketing, that's not something I understand by myself.

With the rapid development of Internet, there will be more and more Internet users, so the influence of the Internet will also be bigger and bigger. Network marketing must include the step of network promotion, and network promotion is the core work of network marketing. If you do not want to make an information island on the Internet, you need to effectively implement network publicity. For enterprises, good network promotion can bring economic benefits; for individuals, more people can understand themselves and know more friends.

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