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Network marketing grasps consumer demand factor

2018-11-01 Onlookers fever 4068 network marketing
Internet marketing is based on the Internet, computer communication technology and digital interactive media to achieve marketing objectives. Network marketing and traditional marketing must realize the goal of marketing and transform potential into real exchange. With the development of the Internet and the popularity of computers, network marketing is developing more and more vigorous and full of vitality. The number of people using the Internet is increasing. The Internet has become the service tool in people's life and work, and network marketing has begun to play a strong role in the market. The Internet has become the third largest media in TV media and newspapers. Being a publicity platform affects people's lives and lays a solid foundation for Internet marketing.

The traditional marketing strategy is a combination of 4P put forward by Professor Makasi. The theoretical starting point is profit, which does not put the needs of customers in the same important position as profits. The interactivity of network enables customers to really participate in the whole marketing process, and the initiative and initiative of participation are strengthened. It determines that Internet marketing requires customers to come to the whole marketing process. Accordingly, a group of scholars headed by Professor Schulz put forward the marketing theory of 4C, that is, consumer demand and desire, cost, convenience and communication. According to the demand of consumption, marketing decision making (4P) is based on the requirement of 4C, the profit of enterprises is enlarged, the demand of consumers is satisfied, and the profits of enterprises are large. Under this new marketing mode, the relationship between enterprises and customers has become very close, forming a "one to one" marketing relationship, which is called integrated network marketing.

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