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The importance of registering a good domain name

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" domain name "It is a core service of the Internet, which can serve as a central task. domain name A distributed database mapping with IP addresses enables people to visit the Internet more conveniently without having to memorize the number of IP addresses that can be read directly by the machine.

Why do we need to register? domain name What about it?

Top, good. domain name Inventing brand value

         domain name It's not just a simple web site. A company with a long view will decide a good place before running the website. domain name It is very important for future marketing, product marketing and brand building. good domain name It is a sharp weapon for enterprises to gain lasting advantages in the market competition.

         Second, it helps to establish an outstanding corporate image.

    good domain name It is a sign of enterprise strength! domain name Concise, easy to remember, in the name of the enterprise or brand consistency, will allow customers to recall in-depth, a good. domain name It can attract more customers and arouse more potential customers. When it comes to Baidu, it will think of it. domain name It's baidu.com. Taobao, its domain name It's taobao.com. Jingdong, its domain name It's jd.com.

        Third, facilitate the promotion of shopping malls, the implementation of products and efficiency work

OK. domain name It enables customers to remember and find you quickly, so that they can achieve twice the result with half the effort. In the micro-blog competition of major portals, Sina bought weibo.com and Weibo suffix. domain name It is a very successful example. Weibo.com lets Netizens feel that "micro-blog" is Sina micro-blog. because domain name The advantages of themselves are far behind other micro-blog websites.

        Fourth, maintain brand.  

  To avoid enterprise related domain name Malicious use will affect the brand image, and demand can best reclaim the title of the website. domain name And make sure it is good. domain name Do not fall in the hands of competitors. Try to mainstream the brand related to yourself. domain name All of them are maintained. It can also buy other valuable products. domain name Point to your website. The "true and false pleasure net" has been sensational. (kaixin001.com is so happy) (kaixin.com) domain name It caused great loss to happy net. A good one. domain name It has played a great role in promoting the popularity of enterprises and the convergence of popularity. domain name It will severely restrict the upgrading of enterprise brand in the later stage. Recently, 360 spent 100 million yuan to buy. domain name 360.com, visible domain name It plays a very important role in brand maintenance.

        Fifth, get more traffic.

   some domain name Itself with traffic, like car.com domain name Before setting up a website, many netizens interested in cars visited this place. domain name In this way domain name After setting up a website, there will be a large amount of browsing without implementation. A good one. domain name It can bring visitors and save huge advertising expenses. No wonder business.com sells for $7 million 500 thousand in the US. Sex.com, based on industry speculation, can earn millions of dollars per year in advertising costs. These are practical rather than groundless. good domain name It will be a huge intangible asset for individuals and enterprises. Yahoo website light. domain name That's worth more than 100 million dollars.

         Sixth, domain name It is unique and limited in resources.

    domain name Compared with trademark, it has stronger uniqueness. domain name Registration is usually done first, and later can only be registered. domain name Maybe we can negotiate the purchase. domain name Grandma's restaurant was in the famous business network. domain name The auction cost 180 thousand yuan to buy back its own. domain name Waipojia.com. Its chairman, Wu Guoping, indicated that domain name No matter how expensive the price is or what it wants, it is due to the business opportunities on the Internet. On the other hand, it is also because of the experience of trademark being grabbed.

        Seventh, domain name A valuable asset is an important asset of an enterprise.

In many enterprises, it is useless to say that websites have been done. domain name Especially now that there are websites everywhere, if you use self created products. domain name Rather than the real title of an enterprise. domain name It is actually more difficult to think of and find this website than others. Your website system and content are the best and useless. How can a website without a visitor be effective unless you use it higher than that? domain name Thousands of times worth of money to publicize the role of the implementation, the Internet industry known as "burn.COM", in fact, "picked up sesame and lost the watermelon". If this firm is domain name Belongs to you, the customer is very simple to remember, it also brings a long time brand benefit.

As we all know, the value of a successful brand is huge, and it is the infinite wealth of an enterprise. Brand is a kind of civilization that is invisible but true. We also know that it is very difficult to create a famous brand, requiring a lot of advertising expenses and high-quality marketers.

Trade name brand domain name How much advertising cost can be saved? How much economic benefits and brand benefits can it bring to the enterprise? Regretfully, some enterprises are willing to spend a lot of money on other media to make short-term and ineffective advertising, while ignoring the use of tens of thousands of other advertising fees, or even one percent of the cost to seek a brand that can bring long-term benefits. domain name It can be seen that the concept is still very lagging behind. By the time of real regret, it was discovered that many customers had lost a lot of money and lost a lot of money. For example, a customer wants to buy a product. Now there are two brands to choose from, and customers first type your company. domain name I found it was another website. Then he entered another enterprise. domain name It's easy to get in and get enough information. So, let's talk about the possibility that the customers will pick them later.

Because domain name The uniqueness of resources is good. domain name Become scarce resources. It not only represents the unique logo of the enterprise on the Internet, but also embodies the product, service, image and goodwill of the enterprise, and it is a part of the intangible assets of the enterprise. domain name Its value will also increase with its influence. Together, domain name It can also be used for trading, parking, financing and even pawning. Shanghai has now promulgated its policy and agreed to domain name Capital contribution domain name The concept of property has been gradually recognized.

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