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How to distinguish computer software from APP and applet?

2019-02-25 Onlookers fever 5704 Website topics

What is APP? According to Xiaobian Internet knowledge, APP is the abbreviation of English Application, meaning that application program is not equivalent to software. In other words, APP is also called application. It is only a generic name for mobile phone software. It does not mean that software is APP, and does not include mobile phone software. These software is developed by third parties, and is an application program. This function is different, and there are some similar functions, but they are not exactly the same. The software includes computer software and mobile phone software (and some separate software, such as watches). For example, our commonly used chat tools are called software on computers, so the mobile terminal is called the APP of the software.

We do not say what is computer software, what is WeChat applet, I think everyone has a number of hearts, let's talk about their differences.

What is the difference between APP and WeChat applet?

The most direct difference is that APP exists independently, and WeChat applets must rely on WeChat. It is essentially an application, and its functions may be similar, but the location is different and the name is different.

What does computer software, APP and WeChat applet have in common?

If 3 of these functions are the same, it can only be said that the scenes of the three are different. In essence, they are all applications. Put the program on the computer, call him computer software, put it on the phone, and call it APP, put it in WeChat program, it is called WeChat applet. Expand here. If you put it in the browser, it's called plug-in, or website.

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