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Advantages and disadvantages of using single page and multi page design in website construction

2019-02-25 Onlookers fever 33747 Website topics

For many customers, whether the website is single page or multi page design is a very tangled problem. With the emergence of social media on mobile terminals, simple response pages have become the trend of Web site construction. Traditional multi page design has been widely recognized and recognized.

I. single page

A single page, literally understood, means that the website does not use traditional multi pages. That is to say, all the contents of the website are placed in a page. The pages that are common in many pages about us and contact with us are not designed on a single page, but are placed on a page.

A single page website places all the content in one page, making the whole page experience smoother. In user experience, click navigation can anchor positioning, can quickly locate the corresponding page, scroll up and down is also very easy to browse. The content, information and some main contents of the single page are filtered and controlled, which can be concise and convenient in reading and browsing.

1. advantages of single page design

Nowadays, many enterprises choose single page design, because single page is concise and clear, whether reading or at the level, so that visitors can digest more easily.

Single page design can be very intuitive to show the important content displayed by the enterprise, and the whole information flow is very clear. Another point is that interaction is very simple. The conversion rate of single page is higher than that of multiple pages, and it can browse faster and get information faster.

The advantage of single page on mobile phone is more obvious. It is much simpler to display on mobile phones, because there is not much demand for the layout on the mobile terminal, and the interaction on the phone is more simple and comfortable for users. PC

2. disadvantages of single page websites

The shortcomings and advantages of single page are outstanding. The advantage of single page SEO is not very large. On the website rankings, the advantages of single page are very insufficient, and because the content is few, the keywords will be ignored.

On the other hand, it is not suitable for growth enterprises, because the scalability of single pages is limited. The amount of information is not big, and the degree of concern is not very high. If you are running a small website, but plan to expand in many ways, try to choose multi page website design.

Two, multi page design

The biggest difference between multiple pages and single pages is that more pages are needed, and more columns are needed to carry links to different pages.

1. advantages of multi page design

The first point is that, contrary to single page, it is more scalable. You can add more sub pages, you can also add layers, level three or four, plus search box.

Coupled with the long history, as early as 90s, there are already many pages, and users are familiar with many pages.

There are also SEO functions and more outstanding advantages. The content of loading is much more than that of single page, whether it is search engine or marketing strategy.

2. disadvantages of multi page design

That is the workload, the design of the front page, the building of the front frame, and the development of the background. There is later maintenance, and the workload is pretty big. When choosing a single page or multi page website, we need to consider the volume and workload of the content and make a reasonable measurement. There is also mobile terminal, because multi page PC is through response, but mobile phone end, the workload required is also large.

You need to see your company's positioning, such as the company's functions and content are relatively concentrated, low degree of attention, single page is more suitable, including mobile terminals. On the contrary, there are many functions, which need to be expanded. Multiple pages are more appropriate. Combined with reasonable navigation design, and adding reliable SEO strategy to Baidu 360 search engine.

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