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What parts are included in a web page?

2019-05-08 Onlookers fever 2905 Industry news

What parts does a web site contain? When we look at this webpage, there are so many of the parts, because now many friends have the habit of surfing the Internet. When you see all kinds of webpages, you should know more about those pages. For example, there will be a title in every page. This title is what we call the label of the web page. When we open a web page, you can see the word displayed on the browser label. This is the title of this webpage. The function of the title is to generalize some of the situations that the webpage has to say.

        In addition to the headlines, we can also see that there is something similar to navigation in this web page. This is called navigation bar. We can enter the various sections of the website arbitrarily through this navigation bar. Different websites have their own logo, so this website also has its own logo, that is, the so-called Logo Icon. This icon can be done very large, and can also be done very small. The icons are usually placed in a more prominent position, sometimes placed in the upper left corner, sometimes placed in the upper right corner, sometimes placed in the middle part. Another part of the page is the main part of the page, which is mainly to put all kinds of columns or various contents. The last part is the bottom part, which we call the footer. In this part, it is mainly the way of contact, and also the links and the copyright declaration. Roughly a page is composed of so many parts. Even a very complicated website, it contains these aspects. So when doing web sites, we have done all these aspects well, and that web page is basically shaped.

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