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Is the source code of the website open?

2019-05-08 Onlookers fever 2849 Industry news

Website construction source code is not open? Many customers also have such an idea, that is, I hope this source code is open. But when the source code is open, the next customer may have to take a lot of risks. For example, if the source code is open to the customer, if the customer does not understand the source code, if the code is changed to a mess at that time, will the whole station be paralyzed? Therefore, the source code open is good, of course, there are also some bad things in it, the key is to see whether the customers have their own technical strength. If the customers have corresponding staff who understand the code in their own company, then the code is open, there is no problem, but if customers do not understand it, then it is best not to open up better.

       Many websites are able to provide some maintenance services at the later stage. So with such services, there will be no need to open source code later. If a website company does not provide such after-sale service, it is best to open the source code to be more secure. If the client company wants to become bigger later, it may set up its own website maintenance department in its own company. At this time, customers may recruit a lot of workers who know the code to maintain it. Opening the source code to the customer is good for customers to modify and debug the source code, making it easier to operate the website later. From this point of view, open source code still has some advantages. But now many small customers have not yet reached the level of technical strength, so in this case, it is still not required to open source code better.

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