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What are the major misconceptions about making websites nowadays?

2019-05-09 Onlookers fever 2855 Industry news

What are the major misunderstanding of Web site construction? Although it is not difficult to build a website successfully and go online. But after the site is online, it will need some operation. But many customers will have such a situation, that is, the site has not been built for a long time to run and maintain. The content inside is always very old and not updated. This will lead to your site slowly ranking before and after, and finally your site can not give your customers the real useful information, even your customers are reluctant to continue to visit your site, so that the site will lose its display and promotion function.

        The second important misunderstanding of website construction is that although its functions have been perfected, even though there are some things in it, the whole layout is very unreasonable. Some people say that the more beautiful the site is, the better it is. In fact, such an idea is a great mistake, because the site should be beautified according to the specific functions. If we have done a lot of things that are absolutely unnecessary to beautify the landscaping, these things will be very meaningless. The speed of opening this site is getting slower and slower. In the end, netizens are reluctant to visit your website. The third mistake is that we do not attach importance to feedback from netizens. Some sites simply show outside, instead of providing a feedback channel for netizens when they are showing. This leads to the site being carried out for a long time, but I do not know whether the netizens are full of dissatisfaction. Not timely adjust the site according to the satisfaction of netizens, which leads to the gradual alienation of your website.

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