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What are the main things to make a website?

2019-05-10 Onlookers fever 2884 Industry news

What are the main things to do in website construction? Many friends want to have their own website on the Internet, but these friends do not know how to own their website. Actually, it's easy to have a website. First you have to have a domain name. Now you can register the domain name directly on the Internet, and the price is also very cheap. The domain name is sixty or seventy yuan a year. The price of a little expensive domain name may be very high. For example, some domain names are expensive, and the price may even reach tens or even tens of thousands. Millions of millions. As an ordinary person, there is no need to do such a complex domain name. Just a simple domain name is OK.

       In addition to the preparation of domain names, you will need to have servers, and servers will be easier to purchase online. Some friends like foreign servers. Or like overseas servers, and some friends like domestic servers. It depends on how the website is arranged. If you want to focus on domestic development, it is better to choose the server within the country, because the server inside the country is more secure in terms of access speed or some other aspects. If you do not consider focusing on the development of the territory, then you can also consider offshore servers, and choose the benefits of offshore servers. Of course, there is no need to record. This is a very important thing now. Because it is more troublesome to tell the truth in the record. After the information is submitted, it may take several days or even one or two weeks to get through. But some friends' websites can't wait to go online. There is no time to wait for so long. In this case, you can also choose to use overseas servers. With the domain name and server, then there is code, code can be directly purchased on the network, and then upload the code, after debugging your website on the line.

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