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Problems that should be avoided in website construction

2019-05-15 Onlookers fever 2932 Industry news

How to do website construction has always been a big problem for many people who are building up a website. It's not that they do not build websites, but how to judge their excellence. The standard of the industry and the standard of search engine will affect the effect of the website construction, whether it is the traditional way of setting up a station, self-help Station or customized invention. The team must recognize the location of the station and have a clear understanding of the construction of the website.

Here, I want to sort out some problems that need to be avoided in website construction. Many enterprises only display information about unit profiles, activities and so on. At best, it only played the role of display board, and did not make use of the interactivity of network at all. In fact, the modernization of website construction is to enable both enterprises and users to set up. Touching and communicating is a channel and platform. It should increase its utilization rate.
Two, the website should not add too many pictures, dynamic effects and music elements, this will definitely affect the opening speed and fluency of the website, some impatient use. Users see that the website loaded directly closes. Enterprise website construction should be concise and clear, hierarchical, so as to receive users' favorite, do not need to be unnecessary. Disturbed by information. In this era of information, we all want to see fresh content for the first time, no one is interested in the information that is out of date, so the content must be time. It is very important to maintain the upload and business related information on a daily basis. To make people feel that the website is being taken care of, it is like a store, and dust and old things are going in. It will be prohibitive. We must let the website live.
Three, the new site, as far as possible on the front page on the nature of the website and the content of a brief description and introduction, let others distinguish whether to continue clicking. As far as possible, there are clear column options on the front page, and it is best to be humanized, so that readers can get the information of demand quickly. In planning, try to be clean. Fresh rules. If there is no special requirement for the front page, it is best not to place a large picture or add a few perfect office workers, because it will add energy and time to download. The reader loses patience; secondly, the picture does not plan to be chaotic, so that users can not find the information they want.
These are some points we need to pay attention to when we build websites. Although there are still a lot to be said, we should pay more attention to the above. It's important for people to learn and accumulate slowly.

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