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How to plan a website well

2019-05-21 Onlookers fever 2926 Industry news

How to plan a website when building a website? It can be said that when planning a website, there are a lot of problems. If the website can be well planned, then the overall feeling is that the website is full of logicality. When you visit, you feel that the sense of hierarchy is very strong. It is very smooth to visit such a website. The website looks comfortable in all aspects of layout and color. It may attract more netizens to browse later. But many people do not attach importance to the planning link when they are doing this website, so today we will introduce to you how to plan.

        When planning a website, we must consider it in many ways. First of all, there must be a navigation in a website. Then, this navigation is sure to extract the essence of the website. Besides, there are not too many things to be set up on the general navigation bar. Generally, 5 to 6 are better. If the navigation bar is densely designed, there are many things. I'm not in the mood to see your navigation bar. Next is the column setting. The above navigation can actually put some key columns on top, but there may be many columns in the website. At this time, some unnecessary columns or minor columns do not appear on the navigation. There are several columns in the front page, but they do not necessarily appear all the time. They can be done through the form of page list or by paging. Secondary columns are displayed on another page. Next is the overall layout, which is believed to be understood by people who do web sites. They are all used for layout of css+HTML, and the mode of layout is now popular. Color selection is a very demanding skill, but also requires a high degree of experience. In daily life, you can go outside for more stroll, and observe the contrast of the colors on the billboards, such as red or black, or red and white.

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