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How to implement functions when making websites

2019-05-21 Onlookers fever 2995 Industry news

How to realize the function of website construction? When doing this website, there may be many functions involved. The website we saw from the browser is actually sent to the browser after server processing. In fact, there are still many programs to deal with in the background, so as to realize some functions of this website. These programs are usually processed by scripting language. Moreover, we can find the corresponding knowledge points on the Internet. There are some functions that are ready-made when implementing these functions, so you can use them for reference, and some functions are created by you. So you have to use your own programming language to implement the following functions.

       There are many functions that need to be realized when web sites are built. My function is the function of the front end, and some functions belong to the background function. The functions of the front end are realized, and JavaScript is used in most cases. Some functions of the background may be used by PHP, or VBS and other scripting languages. Of course, some of the functions you want to achieve are of course more familiar to you. For example, after the form is uploaded, the background needs to be processed by the form transmitted data, for example, the transfer of parameters, the user points a link address, the back has a parameter to be transmitted, then the background will be processed, or in a website, you can see it. The list page has a page turning on the previous page and the next page. This is also a technology to be processed. In addition, there may be one or the next function in the content page, which should be processed in the background.

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