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Guangzhou joint technology Xiamen three days travel activities notice

2019-07-19 Onlookers fever 2561 Company news

    Thank you for your hard work. It will enrich employee's cultural life, improve company's welfare, relieve employees' pressure and strengthen team cohesion, and carry out staff travel activities in 2019. Related matters are as follows:

First, Travel time: July 21, 2019 to 7 23 days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, three days, two nights)

Two, tourist location: Xiamen

Three. Participants: all employees of the company (do not participate in the company's tourism activities, work on Monday and Tuesday)

Four, tourism costs: this tour as a company welfare, the cost borne by the company.

Five. Set time: July 21, 2019 (further notice)

Six, matters needing attention:

1, in order to have a happy and happy tour, all departmental tour personnel arrange their own work before departure.

2, in case of prevention, you need to bring your personal identity card or relevant valid documents. For short trips this time, it is suggested that light equipment, sunshade, sunshade, sunscreen, swimsuit and other equipment should be prepared in advance.

3, in order to ensure the safety and smooth progress of tourism activities, participants must be disciplined and obey the relevant regulations of the company.

4, pay attention to personal finances and personal safety during the play, so that you can travel in a civilized, safe and happy way.

5, carsick staff please bring carsickness drugs.

6, because of the changeable weather, please bring your own rain gear and clothes.

Finally, I wish all the kids a good trip and a good time.


                                   Guangzhou United Mdt InfoTech Ltd

July 19, 2019

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