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How to increase user experience in website construction details

2019-07-30 Onlookers fever 10156 Website topics
Website is one of the most important prefaces for modern enterprises to do marketing. It shows themselves better through websites to customers, so as to arrive at the intended intention of making websites. If you want customers to open the website and continue to read it on the website instead of opening it, you need to give the customer a better understanding of the website. What I want to talk about here is to create details based on the website that the user understands. Enterprise website production generally through the following several aspects to make adjustments.

1. Loading time

Website loading time is very sensitive to customer patience, especially for potential customers. Now most of the enterprises have their own websites, and some enterprises have set up a special network promotion department and SEO part to help enterprises promote websites. The more time the web page is opened, the more suitable users will be.

2, text and picture effects

Clear, clear, and no grammatical errors are the crucial details of the web page. This is both important for users and the effect of SEO. And good pictures can not only make the website style more attractive to customers, but also have half times the effect of later optimization.

3, layout layout and link styles

The details of web page layout, link style, and website column planning are particularly important. Take links as an example: users generally know that underlines are blue fonts, indicating links. And all of these plans conform to user habits.

4. Web navigation

Reasonable website navigation, basically in any website, will have website navigation links. This is because web navigation can help users quickly locate web pages and quickly find information about their needs.

5, page setup

Page settings include page length settings, the page length is moderate, long page transmission time is significantly shorter than the short page transmission time, too long is easy to affect the speed of reading, too short to affect users to understand, about the long section of the article as much as possible to choose paging; web pages of pictures and text style should adhere to the relevance.

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