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The latest requirement of website filing, enabling users to verify the true identity information electronically.

2019-07-30 Onlookers fever 2956 Website filing

According to the requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology, our company has put on record the user's real identity electronic authentication system on the whole country in 2019. The specific changes are as follows:

Using face recognition technology to collect authentic identity information of ICP archival subjects

New verification process: The users only need to collect the positive and negative sides of the ID cards in real time through the smart phone, and combine the electronically acquired images to judge whether the documents and the verifying people are the same person through face recognition technology.


Electronic collection and uploading of images, no need to provide curtain as background check.

Original verification process : The users are required to send the curtain to our users' address to our company or our department, and to take the face check with the curtain as the background.

New verification process: Record users only need to record users in real time through smart phones, upload videos and voice, and complete the authenticity identity collection of users through lip recognition, action recognition and other technologies, and make a cross comparison with the provision of principal identity cards and public security authority repository.

Electronic submission of "Internet information service record undertaking" online

Original verification process : The users should fill in the paper "authenticity check list of ICP record information" and seal it by the unit.

New verification process: After verifying the true identity information of the ICP archival principal online, it will automatically generate the authenticity check list of ICP archival information, and submit relevant information online, no longer submit the paper "authenticity check list for ICP filing information", nor need to seal the unit.


Two thousand and nineteen year New policy records provide demand:

One The above information of the company's business license is: company name, company address, legal person name, license uniform credit code.

Two Corporate identity card information: name, address, ID card number.

The above information collation document provides our joint technology registration here. Our registration will complete the online verification of the two-dimensional code picture to the customer side. The legal person will go through the mobile phone scanning code and submit to the required steps. : The original photo of the company's business license and the original photo of the corporate identity card were taken. Face recognition process can be submitted for review.

Three If the company staff is responsible for the website management and record, we need to provide the identity card information of the company employee: the name, address and identity card number together to sort out the documents and provide the registration to us. The original photo of the company's business license and the original photo of the identity card of the person in charge, the original photo of the legal person identity card, and the filing process of face recognition can be submitted for examination.

(Note: the domain name for the record is to verify that the name of the domain name or the name of the personal domain name is the same as the name of the business license or the name of the certificate.

Please know that the record is for our customers free of charge for the record. We need customers to cooperate with the website for the record and delay the submission of information.


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