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What are the main points and matters needing attention in the construction of Guangzhou's enterprise website?

2019-07-31 Onlookers fever 2593 Website topics
1. Webshell prevention
In fact, the acquisition of webshell can not only be achieved through cracking the back door of the server, we can also get through the PHP slot, so the related CMS site establishment procedures should be revised in a timely manner, shielding these gaps, and other common learning service providers and website security knowledge, from a variety of ways to deal with the problem of Web site gap, to prevent the network. The station suffered unexplained injustice.

Two, the prevention of website black chain

In the website, the general hackers will hang a code on the homepage or content page of the website, so that the search engine thinks that the website has exported a link, and this code is invisible to our usual simple website protection. At the moment, we can find the source file and search it through the View menu of IE.

Three, website server security

In order to save money, some space dealers do not have high quality anti-virus software, and then there are many gaps in the server. These gaps are often added to many new processing accounts by some hackers. Then hackers were taken away by webshell. Although the webshell in the market is cheaper now, hackers can sell the black space providers and sell them in batches. In order to prevent the back door of the server from being infringed, we can always press the shift key of several times and then prompt you to enter the background. At the moment, you can check whether there is an unidentified account in the background. If you have something false, you need to delete it immediately. You should look at the processing group users in the server carefully to see if there are any unidentified users. Of course, the right backup is necessary for mistakes.

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