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The essence of optimized website construction

2019-07-31 Onlookers fever 3278 Station knowledge
Websites can be classified into many categories according to their purposes, such as optimized websites, marketing websites, image stations, etc. different websites have different emphasis. Today, let's take a look at the essence of optimized website construction.

Essence 1: website structure
Website structure is the foundation of search engine spiders crawling. Only a reasonable, logical and concise structure can facilitate spider crawling and increase website collection.

Quintessence two: Website Quality
To improve the quality of websites, first of all, we can not directly use templates to make a differentiated website. This can not only enhance user experience, but also increase the originality of the page. The more friendly pages of search engines can enhance the ranking of Web sites.

Quintessence three: keyword density
Where the optimized website is built, the layout of TDK should be arranged. The key words that can be distributed reasonably can "tell" what the "core" of the search engine website is, so that Baidu can release relevant keywords ranking, and other keywords can not be stacked up, nor can it be too small. The reasonable ratio is 2%~8%.

Quintessence four: server selection
Server selection needs to consider two problems of cost performance and capacity. On the one hand, the traffic of the previous website is small, and it can consider buying a smaller server. But with the increase of the website load, we must increase the bandwidth and other attributes in time, so that the website can be opened at a faster time, and the slow speed of the webpage also has a negative impact on the ranking of keywords.

Compared with the construction of the image station and marketing Station, the optimized website construction will test the developers' understanding of search engine optimization, so we must find someone or team with professional knowledge of search engine optimization, so as to avoid the problem of reducing the rights and ranking of the website.

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