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Notice on verification of archival data!

2019-07-31 Onlookers fever 2621 Website filing

Dear customers:

Thank you for choosing our company as your website maintenance provider. Recently, the Ministry of information industry of the website ICP has issued the hard target that the accuracy rate of the record should reach 99% before September 30th, and has carried out all the verification and cleaning work of the stock registration. Please pay attention to it. If the record information is not true, it will close the website and cancel the record.

Key points of verification:

1., according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, check whether there are unit renaming, legal person change, business license upgrading, and replacement of unified code.

2. check whether there is "abnormal operation" in the status of documents.

3. check whether there is a lack of verification photos, etc., part of the historical record need to re use WeChat small program to collect the verification photos.

4. verify the authenticity of the verification record and identity card.

If you have any of the above circumstances, please inform the head of the Department of the operation of the registration change before September 30th.

There are changes in the way of renaming of the unit and the upgrading of the business license. It is necessary to change the record materials and re enter the latest information. If the person in charge of the website is not authorized to check the material in person, use WeChat to scan the two-dimensional code and shoot according to the prompts. For verification and identity cards, the system will face recognition, and call the Ministry of public security interface to verify whether it is the same person. If the verification fails, it will return to the record request for rectification within a specified time.

After more than 3 days after the notice has been issued, the record will not be changed or the materials will be filled. The system will list the relevant domain names as abnormal names and delete them from the filing system. The website will not be accessible. After more than 20 days after the issuance of the notice of rectification has not changed the record or complemented the material, the system will cancel the relevant record number.

Guangzhou joint Mdt InfoTech Ltd website filing Department

July 31, 2019

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