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The submitted filing is rejected by the authority. It is a domain name conflict and how to deal with it.

2017-06-01 Onlookers fever 4895 Website filing
Many web organizers do not understand why new registrations are made. domain name There will be record information. This is actually because you are registering. domain name Someone bought it before and did it. domain name For the record, later due to domain name No renewal is due, and now you have re registered it. domain name Submit domain name Record information causes domain name Conflict, you can log on. Http://www.miitbeian.gov.cn/ Select the "public query" in the home page. domain name The filing place (the first word of the record number is the abbreviation of the province), and is contacted with the authority to apply for cancellation of the website. If the record number of the conflict is at the beginning of the "Zhejiang", you will go to the front page of the Ministry of industry to select "Zhejiang" in the "open government" to download and cancel the application form in the relevant downloading form. According to the requirements of the form, we will operate the information and submit it to the authority. It will be cancelled within 1-7 working days. You will be able to re submit the record information in the background of the space service provider when you receive the cancellation of the SMS. this domain name

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