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What are the picture optimization techniques in website construction? These tips need to be understood.

2019-10-15 Onlookers fever 1995 Website topics
A well designed website can attract more users, and the opening speed of a website also directly affects the traffic of the website, so we must pay attention to this in the process of website construction. If our website can't be opened for a long time, then you can try to optimize the website.

Image optimization mainly includes reducing the number of pictures, reducing the quality of pictures and improving the format of pictures, so that when the website is opened, it will be more rapid. Next, we will share some pictures optimization techniques for you.
First of all, the simplest picture optimization technique is to reduce unnecessary pictures in the web pages, and the number of pictures is the simplest and most direct way to optimize pictures.

Secondly, we can reduce the quality of pictures to achieve image optimization. For example, we can try to reduce the quality of pictures, such as reducing the JPG format of the picture by five percent, so that there is no difference on the surface, but the size of the file itself is still relatively large, so that it can play a picture. The effect of film optimization.

Finally, you can edit pictures before uploading pictures, such as editing with Photoshop or some other graphics software, or you can use Java to implement picture effects, so that you can achieve image optimization very well.

In short, the picture optimization in website construction is very important. We often see many large websites do not have many fancy pictures, but the degree of practicability is very high, and the experience of users will be much better, which is very convenient.

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