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WeChat plus and sales skills

2019-10-19 Onlookers fever 2206 WeChat special topic

Topic 1:

Customer: can you make it cheaper?

Ordinary customers see what city asks: "how much is this money?" "999." "Cheap!" Many customers didn't read the product, but they looked at it. Customers don't like to go to the past. You must lose money when talking about expenses.


At the beginning, we should not say, "no!" A violent refusal will cause customers to feel bad about you. When we encounter such a problem, we should bypass the customers' questions and do not simply answer them, because only one entry fee and our city's example are passive. At this time, money is in the hands of our customers, and our advantage is our products. Therefore, we need to let the customers know the products well.

Any client who wants to bargain for equipment, we should first bypass the cost and let the merchandise confuse him, rather than overspend on the cost. Only the equipment is worth the money, and she is not afraid to buy it. Of course, it can not be too proud of the customers.


1, periodic interpretation method

"Madam, this product sells for 720 yuan. It can be used for one year, and it costs four yuan for a gift."

"Madam, a discount package is only 380 yuan, which can meet your needs at all times and value for money!"

2, replace "less" with "many".

When customers ask for a low price, many shopping guides say, "you buy less clothes and come over." This is really a problem. Buying less clothes will make the customers think that they have lost something, and their mood is more difficult. The exact saying should be "when you buy more clothes," it will be easy to escape and be transformed into happiness.

It can be said that every person you have added to WeChat has overlapped through the above stages. If you can understand the characteristics of these three stages and have targeted conversation with each other, you will get a good customer conversion rate.

Why did the other side not go through a close friend?

If you want to enter the release stage, you will be successful in getting your partner through your close friend's request.

1, encryption friends prelude.

If you want to add close friends to the group, you should learn to speak in a group. Let's take an example: if you are a child's parent group, you can choose 2~3 days a week, find good content for children's instruction from the Internet (at the bottom with my micro invitation card), and transfer to the parent group.

The people in the group will have a beginning to explain to you through the good content you forwarded. No matter the parents of other children in your group, the parents of other children will release you through your forwarding, and you can easily pass the request of your close friends.

2, automatic plus others best friend pass the highest verification language.

Encryption friend is good to write verification language. The following is a frequently used encrypted friend verification language that users try to use frequently:

(1) I am your fan. Please pass through.

When the other person saw the word "fans", he felt that I was highly respected. Why? Because in the eyes of ordinary people, only stars have fans.

(2) Hello, I have been watching you for a long time.

Affirming that the other person has little reputation in the group, because each side has its own bright spot, someone pays attention to him (her), affirms that he (she) has the talent, has the place which is worth the friends to study, this also satisfies the physiological which the other party is expected to be concerned about.

(3) if you are in a unified WeChat group, add time to note: a certain group.

Because there is a certain group of WeChat group to do the trust grafting, mutual trust will be on the same level; and because you often provide good content in the group, note the group name when you encrypt friends, help the other party think of you!

(4) Hello, who is the operator of that XX? Give me a hand.

Affirming that you have to ask him (her) if you have a question, and if the other party does not pass you, do you say he (she) is patient?

(5) Hello, Hello, have personality, especially to you one or two

(6) to read your articles in the group is very beneficial.

(7) your head looks great. Can you make a friend? (declare that the other person has a refined and unusual temperament to confuse others).

(8) what is your product like this?

With so many chat points, please do not use "XXX, my close friend".

Invalid Essentials

(1) the friend of the encryption time said, "Hello, friend, let's pass it." Probably some people will ask after passing, what friend introduction? You can say anything about it. If she says no, you may be wrong, but it doesn't matter. It may be fate! "

Looking at this kind of technique, you probably feel great joy in your heart, and think that you can add to this close friend by using such a trick, and find a source for yourself. Such a behavior is wrong, so that you and the other side's relationship will be built on the basis of a fraud. How can we talk about building trust? After the other party is aware, simply pull the black you; if you meet the stubborn example, simply tell it, your WeChat will discover all kinds of situations tomorrow!

(2) very easy to add a close friend, to greet you, you simply do not speak, simply advertising, without thinking, is bound to be blackened! It's not easy to have a close friend. We need to communicate with others and understand their preferences and physiological preferences. This will also help us in future trafficking. Simply advertising? This is not very desirable.

Acquaintance stage

After you have friends, you will not be ignored by two sentences.

What do you want to talk about?

Let's take a dialogue.

A Jun: Hello, why? Are you busy?

B Jun: No, what are you doing? (first violation)

A: (after a long time, because I don't know what to say), where are you from?

B Jun: (the customer has not been able to chat any longer. He has a good personality and probably knows about it).

A Jun: what do you do?

B Jun:

Are you familiar with it? Maybe someone has talked with you like this, and maybe you have talked with others.

Think about it, I do not explain you, do you think this is appropriate?

Where am I related to you? Believe in your heart.

Such topics will only make people think that they are speechless, and do not want to talk with you continuously. How can he become my close friend? Turn over your circle of friends and find advertisements.

One of the most annoying things about selling an old bird is someone asking him, "is there?"

Are you there? (ominous 800 words) has been wasted for a long time. Nothing is said to be a waste of time.

After a while, this is the product of the company. You can understand it! ...

Then it is crowded and crowded with the same words as ants, and the same as the falls.

In the next second, others will drag you to the blacklist.

How can people think that they are interested in thinking?

Teach everyone a key point: after encrypting friends, do not rush to chat up, first to learn about the close friend's head and one-sided information; to see what the friends circle has done. After you know something about others! You can find the topic of joint venture.

When you are familiar with potential customers, it is time to show your one-sided charm.

Catch the joint venture between myself and the other side and follow him or her. Do not understand? It doesn't matter.

Your head is so beautiful! Qingxiu! Darling! Bright colors! Your body is good, bang bang, how to temper it? Where do you buy clothes? If the avatar is traveling outdoors, you can ask, where is this? How beautiful the situation is!

Right? A head image can lead to many topics. If you can't find features, you can only declare that your talent is not enough. In reality, do you also admire your customers when you see them? On WeChat, it can be repeated again!


You forward good content in the group, and are very character (do not have advertising), so that the group of friends in the group will remember you. When you add Jiayou, people will think of you: Oh, this one side is the one that often turns content into groups.

After talking a few words, I thought that the topic of joint venture with you immediately deepened the image. This is not half the battle!

Trust phase

Is mass advertising useless?

Advertising, especially mass advertising, is also a part of WeChat chatting. Once it is out of order, it will destroy the trust of new friends.

Building trust is very stressful. Let the other person know what you are doing, just like (insurance) is not simply to let the other know that you are doing the insurance is probably doing micro business, but to let the other party set up such a concept: only want to buy insurance, probably only want to buy facial models, and find you!

So, can such trust be realized by mass advertising? Of course not! Mass advertising can only achieve the front layer: that is, the other side knows that you are selling insurance, probably doing micro business, but later? Where is trust?

How can we chat with potential customers to build trust? Is it not exhaustion? I have to work hard to plan clients. If you make a profit, you will be in trouble. What else do you want to do?

Here are some points for you.

At the very beginning, send 1 to each other at most 3 days. This is a touch of nature, ensuring that the frequency of a face can be shown on the other side every week.

Say a few words. For example, what kind of text has I read today? What feelings do I have in mind? I would like to transfer the text to the other side, plus my own sentiment. It is probably the sentence that touched you, copied and pasted.

Friends: This article is probably not allowed to be issued at random, but based on your friends' circle, and through his (her) circle of friends, he will try to choose articles that are pleasing to others.

If you label a close friend, this one can be sent to a group of people who are interested in the sentence.

Today, we can also send out a lot of joy to others. (if it is sent out, the other party has no feedback, then it will not be issued again.)

No matter what you send, you must study strategy. Chat needs to be differentiated from groups. That feeling is like living alone in conversation with him, so that it is more intimate. In the other's mind, you are a person with a temperature, rather than a cold mass machine.

Are there many spicy customers, and the environment tends to be very spicy? The object of WeChat has pulled the latent customers scattered around to your present, depending on how you should pry!

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