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How to absorb the powder quickly, I only use a trick to add WeChat.

2019-10-19 Onlookers fever 1706 WeChat special topic

How to absorb the powder quickly, I only use a trick to add WeChat.

Since 2016, there have been a lot of words about micro negotiation, which are social networking, listening to a lot of people, knowing that doing business inside is very good, but making the geometric people very vast: micro bdvip0008

(1) do not know what is social interaction?

(2) what social interaction applies to me?

(3) I don't know how to play when I get into a social life.

Many people entered a group never bubbling, paid money, did not get the price I wanted, and then said that the group useless, extravagant money.

Some people have already earned that tuition fee. Not only did they know some people, they also recruited many agents to sell the goods, and the returns were over five times, ten times, even dozens of times.

Why is there such a gap?

In fact, the link is that you do not know how to mix socially, do not know how to integrate into. How to play a good social group?


First, bribe the owners.

No matter which group you enter, you must first have a good relationship with the group owners. If the owners do not like you, you will be kicked out of the group at any time, though the fee collection is not so common, but the relationship with the group owners is good.

How to bribe the owners?

The bribe here is not to give money, but to learn to hold the group.

That is, under any circumstances, we should support the group owners. After all, this group is his territory, and everyone likes someone to support him.

If you are a male group, you say that the group owners are handsome. When the group owners have something to say, you say that the group owners are great. Flatter the group and leave a good impression on the eyes of the group.

If he didn't know you before, he would think that you were so special, and your mouth was so sweet that you would pay special attention to it next time.

Once the group owners like you, you become a good person around you, and you succeed in advertising and doing everything in the group.


The second recruit, get the activists in the group.

It is not enough to get rid of the group owners. There are several active elements in every group. After a few days of entering the group, do not speak, see those people are active, and then you begin to speak more.

How do you get those active members?

If you are a woman, you will praise them for their beauty, beauty and fashion, and call them goddesses.

Male, you say local tyrants, male gods, etc., you praise them according to their chat content, and try to add their WeChat.

At the beginning, they went to the people around them to show their faces. They made a good impression in front of them, privately directed red packets, or sent gifts.

People who are active in the ordinary group are well connected with the group owners, or have a little weight in speaking.


The third move is to understand flattery.

Playing WeChat and socializing is to see your EQ and no one can speak. In fact, the same is true on line and offline.

Many people say that I do not like those who are very fake, but only exaggerate. But I don't know. If you say so, others may not like you.

But to speak well and to praise others, we must understand and grasp one degree. Looking at those people who are well connected, they are all people who understand and will not offend people easily. In the group, we should learn to praise others.

For example, who sent a picture in the group, you said it was beautiful, people sent a red envelope, you must say thank you, or tyrant, I love you and so on.

If you and yourself are polite, like you, you have no position in the group. Do not offend people in the group, so that you do not have the sweetness to leave a good impression.


Fourth strokes, willing to give red envelopes, local tyrants love each other.

No matter which group, there are always some local tyrants who like to give red envelopes. As the saying goes, if you have a gift, the more you will have it, the more you will have it, though it must match your resources.

A person nearby said that a person had sent ten thousand yuan red packets in a group of charges, second days had recruited two total generations, each generation total 300 thousand, suddenly returned.

It is time to watch the red packets, watch the beat, do not send too little, do not send too small, when people are many, when the hair is in the atmosphere, your purpose is to cause people to pay attention to, others pay attention to you.

Some people are very smart. They say that they pay attention to me and give them a lot of money.

As a matter of fact, micro businesses are usually recruiting agents. If you are reluctant to give red envelopes at all times, people feel that you have no money or strength, and naturally do not want to be your agent.

So those who give big red envelopes are usually able to recruit many agents, and those who do not want to give red envelopes are naturally unable to recruit them. Do you know where you are now?


Fifth strokes, learn to share, let the group members feel that you have a price.

Usually in a group, many people's cost view is similar, for example, want to shop in WeChat.

If you can share in the group how to add powder, how to recruit agents, how to send people around, how to manage agents, how to sell goods and how to interact with each other? What you share is dry goods. I believe that many people will worship you and praise you.

People who didn't add you before would add you, and they would also share with you people around you. This is a very useful way.

Of course, before you share it, it's very good to shout with the group owners, so that you can be praised by the owners. Micro 807185547

If you understand the payment, you will have a harvest. A good micro agent will share and train. If you do not, you are not an excellent micro agent.


The sixth recruit or sponsor is sponsoring myself.

Many people always want to be sponsored by others, and never think of sponsoring others.


Seventh strokes, often go to the group bubble, do not let others forget you.

Many people, after entering the group, never spoke again, and talked in groups. We call them bubbles.

If you have never spoken, this group will not cost you anything unless you feel there is no cost.

If you are a group that is useful to you, you must always bubble up. If you don't go for a long time, many people will forget you.

In particular, the group you pay can not afford to be indifferent. It is necessary to interact with the group, play social networking, and remember that you exist. The only way is interaction. There are no other points.

Many people say, I am really busy, I really do not happen, in fact, to go to the group, that is to make money, you can get a lot of resources, so that you grow up, you are not very money can not get through?


Eighth strokes, and group members around the circle of interaction.

To interact with everyone in the group, especially at the beginning, people are not familiar with it. In addition to interacting in groups, people should circle more comments and interact with each other, so that they can double inquire into each other and deepen their feelings.

You can send a micro letter regularly to someone who you think is active, or you want to interact with people who may be useful to you.

What is the purpose of our mixed group? It's the people who deliver to us, sell the goods and make money.

Conclusion: in fact, it's spicy. You should know that social networking and QQ groups are the same. As long as they are familiar, this group is your exclusive fans group.

No matter what you say, there are people who agree. The WeChat group is a pond of micro commerce, and there are many small fish inside it.

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