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Promotion of drainage or selection of three tier distribution system

2019-10-19 Onlookers fever 1580 WeChat special topic

With the development of the Internet, users can buy goods through the Internet through various channels, and micro businesses are becoming more and more popular. The emergence of the three tier distribution system provides a more advanced distribution platform for micro suppliers, as well as a good distributor management system and commodity management system. But what should we do for the three tier distribution system? Let's introduce the Xiaobian three tier distribution system.

There are more and more channels for the old people to get goods. In addition to being able to buy goods on the big online shopping centers, people can also buy products through a few platforms, just like many people will buy products from micro businesses. More and more people around us are becoming micro businesses.

How do we conduct drainage in the three tier distribution system?

1. intensive distribution. The three tier distributors should voucher their regional advantages and try to find wholesalers as high as possible. Through the advocacy of wholesalers, we can further sponsor ourselves to magnanimous market, so that more and more consumers can understand their products, and at the same time, they can reach the needs of customers.

2. exclusive distribution. A designated distributor in a regional enterprise will become an exclusive distributor of commodities, which will effectively control the distribution of hell and reduce competition among distributors.

3. choose distribution. Through surveys of inland markets, distributors understand the practical necessity of inland consumers, and select several items that are suitable for inland customers to organize sales promotion. This way not only pursues brands, but also expands the coverage rate of products, so that more and more consumers can reach goods and effectively improve the brand's reputation.

4. the circle of people around WeChat. Distributors should make full use of the circle of people around WeChat, promote products in their own circles every day, regularly launch a small number of preferential behaviors, and improve the attention of people around them.

5. WeChat's public service. Now, whether enterprises or businesses are holding the WeChat public house, businesses can regularly introduce a small number of products, but also can advocate the product's results. In the WeChat public house, they can also advocate the preferential behavior of products. WeChat's public house is a way to follow the example.

6., forum. By publishing soft articles in the forums, businesses will pursue their soft products in the articles, further improving the reputation of products.

What are the marketing plans of the three tier distribution system? The above are the several key points in the application of the current model, which are introduced by the WeChat distribution Xiaobian. The merchants can choose their own implementation plan in accordance with their own actual environment, and pursue the strategy of mediation in the middle of the implementation process, so as to achieve good results.

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