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WeChat new number plus skills: how can talent be limited?

2019-10-19 Onlookers fever 2039 WeChat special topic

WeChat new number plus skills: how can talent be limited?

The new micro lamp number will be monitored by the system for a period of time, so the new registered micro signal will require normal marketing operation and add people.

From the current WeChat official monitoring of new WeChat, the new micro signal registration success, plus friends can not be accomplished overnight, step by step to add people to maintain the number is also a skill.

WeChat new number begins with the maintenance number.

The newly registered WeChat new number is limited, and the best thing to do is to verify and shout at every 3-4 people.

In addition, the new WeChat will add a red letter to the other person. How to do it?

If the abnormal scarlet letter appears, do not immediately add people. First, raise the number normally, and gradually add people to prevent complaints.

WeChat's new number is mainly "simulated manual manipulation" to increase the activity and weight of micro lights.

The activity and weight of WeChat's new number affect the duration of maintenance.

Normally, the new WeChat number is about 30 days. Of course, it also depends on your behavior during the maintenance period, so the behavior control during the maintenance period is very intense, though avoiding illegal manipulation, such as: new number advertising.

The essentials of increasing activity and weight

1 perfect information

Simulate artificial manipulation, take marketing numbers as personal numbers, set nicknames, micro lights, avatars, covers, sex, regions, character signatures, etc. There are no rules for setting up multiple WeChat new numbers.

2 real name authentication

The real name authentication of WeChat is the addition point of the weight of the micro lamp. Bind bank card, ID card, enlightened WeChat payment, WeChat can pay, send red packets, but pay attention to frequency, WeChat new control should not be excessive.

3 friends interaction

Old friend, stay active.

You can download 2-3 facial packs and interact with 1-2 WeChat friends every day (text, voice, video, face pack interaction more than 10 times), plus group chat, sending people around.

4 rest

Let's leave some real maneuvering tracks. For example: pay attention to subscription point "pleasing" / forwarding, browse news page for about 5 seconds, play WeChat small program game.

If you can do more than 80% of these new WeChat numbers, if you insist on a month, your new WeChat number will be able to stabilize the maintenance period.

In the new WeChat phase, if there is a "friend search or increase manipulation" information display, do not worry, stop using the addition effect, after 24 hours, the system will automatically resume.

There are obvious advertising links in the message sent.

The same effect does not operate frequently, just like adding a person, like a circle of people around him, like robbing a red envelope.

Don't just open the door and call the next person.

In the same WiFi, a large number of quasi manipulation are easy to be monitored, and the probability of registration is high.

According to WeChat's official add in rules and operation rules, we operate the micro signal, and raise the number to the number, usually WeChat marketing manipulation, the dangerous coefficient of the title is reduced.

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