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How did WeChat sell 100 thousand boxes of the TIFF mask?

2019-10-19 Onlookers fever 1787 WeChat special topic

Recently, there are several stories about people around WeChat who are interested in entrepreneurship. "The circle of people around WeChat: 90 days of living water 50W notes", "WeChat you can also enter the 10W", "WeChat sells 100 thousand boxes of the TIFF face model is how to do it".

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These three stories are surprisingly similar in mode and story. The names of the three brands mentioned above are: the EU TIFF mask, the demon face puzzle, the Bai Yun phenanthrene brand.

First, let's take a look at how the TIFF mask is:

In short, it is a way to develop and substitute products to digest products through continuous development. If you want to become a substitute for them, you need to get 10 boxes first. Even if the fault is not very reliable, they will ask you to take a box first. If you want a box, you need 198 yuan, and 10 boxes will be dozens of dollars. Even if you don't do it, he will earn at least 100 of you. One of my people went to listen to their guests. On the basis of them, they all taught you how to develop. Their marketing mode is the most clear. So it is not impossible for a person who provides this model to sell 100 thousand boxes of face models on a daily basis, because his work will be developed, and the support of others will be developed. If you sell customers, you can't buy them. ”

Two, how to make a face model?

Occasionally, I saw the essentials of WeChat marketing. It has long been known that someone sold well on WeChat. Especially local products, facial models, cosmetics and so on. I have a fellow villager, the chief of the people, who sold more than 50 thousand salted duck in half a year, accumulating hundreds of thousands of fans, and got venture capital funds and became the Internet red man. This person is now united with other Internet Celebrities, who have made a difference in their reputation. Said that the second half of the year to make 10 million of the opening. WeChat marketing is originally a fan economy, fans interaction, story telling, tree brand. Internet Celebrities, there are a few fans to cheer them up, 2 days to develop 100 levels of labor, the cost of doing the policy and the cost of doing nothing have paid a lot of money, which is the magic of WeChat.

Why do people around WeChat sell cosmetics for hundreds of thousands of months?

Three, the pioneer of Bai Yun Fei skin care products is like this:

At present, there is a distribution mode on WeChat. There is a collection of goods, and there is a lot of control over the collection fees. But it is all the same to say that the large format or the Pyramid model is going on. Of course, we are no exception! Although there is a period of time flat mode (Taobao guest mode), but we do not care about it and do not go deep into the reality, we will discard it for a while. But we will not easily abandon this flat mode, and will continue to test it later, because this mode is to subvert today's gold character. Tower style!

To sum up the claims of several entrepreneurs, there are several points in the circle of people around WeChat that sell cosmetics to make big money.

1, the pioneers must be the masters of manipulating fans, mainly shaping personal brands, writing soft articles and promoting fans to attract fans.

2, they all accept the mode of distribution, and let my fans distribute, explain the cost of labor or Bao Guanjin is the quickest way to attract money.

3, they all accept training courses, guide sales, and so on.

4, the sun drying stars, the income of the apprentice, so that you believe that the myth must exist, I believe those who do pyramid schemes to do this piece, certainly no strong national team.

5, no matter what, this group of people once saw the WeChat marketing mode and got a huge bonus. Whether you believe it or not, there will be a lot of people going on this road.

How should a green hand go?

1, all the data at the top are affirmed that the development of distribution is bound to be better than doing retail, so what you have to do is to find the product category and source that I belong to and become a supplier of professional goods, no matter how it is, there is a professional source supplier's identity. It is necessary to be specialized and miscellaneous, and it is not easy to earn money.

2, set up my own recruitment and distribution rules and after-sales service no, a replacement for 7 days deformity by the replacement of goods, as long as the approved rules will certainly be able to recruit a lot of offline, you also have to configure the basic good clothing no micro lights, customer service QQ number, website or QQ space, Taobao store, to show the good channels are good.

3, it is the top priority to promote fans and turn fans into profits. If you don't know where your porridge is, you can go to Baidu, for example, Baidu white-collar Internet habits, there will be a lot of people to help you answer. Here is not much to say. Here is a summary of the statistics. The crowd I target is mainly concentrated in Tianya, bean paste, Sina, Ai Mei, MSN, QQ space and so on. Taiwan, the next thing to do is to subdivide the activities of these groups on these websites, and then excavate the partial target group activities.

4. Results magnification and data accumulation. The result of enlargement is to add more precise people, establish fishpond, repeat the steps above, accumulate data, expand publicity and protect old customers.

I hope you earn the first pot of gold in WeChat in the morning.

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