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What are the dividends of WeChat applet?

2019-11-25 Onlookers fever 4266 WeChat special topic
In today's information age, all kinds of mobile APP have appeared, these APP has brought great convenience to life. WeChat in mobile phone APP is a very good chatting software. Chatting with this software is very good, and it can save a lot of time. In addition, there are many small programs in WeChat, developers can get dividends from WeChat applets. But what are the basic dividends in WeChat applets generally derived from?

Pure small project Entrepreneurship: there are many small projects in WeChat small program that can get benefits, such as the US group, the card assistant and some shortcut programs can get dividends. Because these small programs also bring great convenience and use more people, so the related income is also increasing.

Content e-commerce: WeChat small program also has some e-commerce, such as some public platforms, such as headlines, baccarat and other good quality content. At this time, insert relevant contents of the small program service in the article, and stimulate readers to open the applet through the basic content. In this case, it can guide readers into small programs to buy goods, and then get some dividends.

Community electronic business area: there will be a series of community play in WeChat applet, so that small programs can be launched in WeChat, which can lead to shopping at this time. This way is through the formation of a common interest group, and then through the content in the community group constantly spread, and then easily get dividends.

In short, the basic bonus of WeChat's small program comes from many aspects. Pure small project entrepreneurship, e-commerce and community e-business area are more common bonus sources.

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