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Website SEO six questions six answers experience sharing

2017-01-03 Onlookers fever 1253 Technical recommendation

Many novice SEOER are often unable to touch anything when they first contact SEO. Now, Guangzhou has arranged 6 questions and 6 answers for new love owners, hoping to help you to make less detours.


1: Q: what can be explained about the update of Baidu snapshot on a website?

Answer: this website is constantly being visited and updated by search engines. This station has been trusted by search engines and has been recognized by search engines.

2: ask: a website Baidu included increase, but there is no Baidu snapshot, what is the reason?

Answer: the instructions may not be released before the station is included.

Suggestion: stationmaster should only follow what he has to do every day.

3: ask: how to attract Baidu spiders, what are the skills?

Answer: must continue to increase links; form a regular updating website; require the novelty and originality of website content.

4: Q: how to make SEO for single webpage to increase traffic?

Answer: there are many ways, but the most basic is the selection of keywords, the selection of a top-level domain name title and the construction of webpage weights.

5 question: what kind of mindset should a station master do to maintain SEO?

Answer: do not blindly pursue technology, do not have to go to the algorithm to purposefully do, and strive to do a good job.

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