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What is the so-called website space? How much space do you need for an enterprise website?

2017-03-10 Onlookers fever 1239 Technical recommendation

Enterprise website is a set of computer files built on the network server. It needs to occupy certain hard disk space. This is the website space needed for an enterprise website. How much space do you need for an enterprise website? This is a concern of many enterprises.  
Generally speaking, the basic web page HTML files and web pages of an enterprise website need about 5M-10M space. Plus product photos and various introductory pages, usually around 30M-80M. In addition, enterprises need to store the space of feedback information and spare files, and the remaining space of other hard disk space (otherwise easy to cause data loss). A general enterprise website needs 100M-200M website space (that is, virtual host space). Enough space will be wasted if you rent too much space. In addition, considering the multilingual version of a business site, adding more than one language requires more than doubled website space.  
If you plan to specialize in Web services, there is a lot of content to be stored in the website, or you are going to use the website to store some computer software or a large amount of enterprise information, so that you can use them in the field, you may need more space.


The byte byte:8 binary bits are one byte (B). The most commonly used unit. The capacity is usually expressed in terms of KB, MB, GB and TB.

1KB (Kilobyte 1000 bytes) =1024B,

1MB (Megabyte, megabytes, referred to as "trillion") =1024KB.

1GB (Gigabyte, gigabyte, also known as "Gigabit") =1024MB.

1TB (Terabyte, terabytes, or megabytes) =1024GB, where 1024=2^10 (the 10 power of 2).

Note: "trillion" is a million level unit.

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