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Baidu is approaching the monopoly of China's search market.

2017-04-10 Onlookers fever 1411 Technical recommendation
At present, the top three top users of search engines are still Baidu, Google and China YAHOO. But Baidu's lead continues to expand, and its market share has risen from 62.6% in the fourth quarter of last year to 78.2%.
In the first quarter of this year's search market, a similar survey was conducted in the first 7 quarters. The results showed that Baidu's market share had only dropped slightly in the fourth quarter of 2005, and since then it has been on the go all the way. It is also the only search engine that has maintained a sustained growth in market share in the past 8 quarters.
Now, only Google stays in the presence of Baidu's strong pressure. According to the survey of AI consulting, Google now has a 28.2% market share, basically the same level as two years ago, when the market share reached the highest level of 36.2%. Starting from the 1 quarter of this year, Google has made frequent moves in product and marketing, and the growth of market share is undoubtedly an important goal.
Third Chinese YAHOO did not have such a good luck. AI said that they had experienced nearly 8 consecutive quarters of continuous decline, the market share has dropped from 10.9% to 2.9% now, in the 1 quarter of last year, it was directly reduced from 8.2% to 4%. And the other market players who did not enter the top three were even less than 2.9%. The results suggest that they have disappeared on the list of mainstream teams.
However, participants in the search market do not necessarily agree with analysts' definition of market conditions. China YAHOO has just launched the concept of "integrated search" and is preparing for this autumn's counterattack. However, every challenger has been unable to ignore Baidu's monopoly power, and its economic strength is growing. Its stock price has exceeded 156 dollars.

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