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What value does search engine strategy bring to traditional enterprises?

2017-05-10 Onlookers fever 1511 Technical recommendation

There are a lot of people in the marketing and marketing departments of traditional enterprises who are very interested in the conference. They hope to get knowledge of search engine marketing and search engine optimization by participating in the conference. For these market players, whether they want to develop their own network marketing or find professional companies to provide services and grasp relevant knowledge are always harmless.

Search engine marketing is a very professional marketing mode, and the market personnel of general enterprises are not familiar with it. Because of the sensitivity to the market, they will have some understanding of the advantages of this marketing mode, and will make relevant market budgets, ask professional companies to search engine marketing services. But because of its ignorance of search engine marketing, it brings some awkward problems.

First of all, I don't know how to choose search engine marketing service company.

At present, there are many Internet companies, such as Internet marketing consultants, professional online promotion companies, and other experts who call themselves search engine marketing experts and search engine optimization experts. Those known as hundreds of blocks can guarantee you to be the first in Google and the first place in Baidu. At the same time, most of the search engine marketing service companies still stay in the sale of products settlement, that is, proxy search engine products, sell to the enterprise users earn the difference, did not provide value-added services. Choosing a good search engine marketing service company can bring new breakthroughs to the enterprise's network marketing, but if the choice is improper, it will only cost a lot of money, but it will not be effective, or even be deceived by some bad service companies.

Secondly, I don't know how to evaluate the effect of search engine marketing service.

In general, enterprises have an evaluation system for putting advertisements on TV and newspapers, including evaluation from third parties and their own evaluation. More enterprises set up specialized departments, according to the amount of advertising feedback, timely modification strategy, so as to ensure the maximum effect. Many enterprises market department responsible for advertising personnel, itself is a media expert, television, newspapers and other forms of advertising have very professional knowledge. In recent years, the marketing personnel of some large enterprises have also strengthened their familiarity with online advertising. And search engine marketing is a more professional content, most of the market personnel are not familiar with, but also led to do not know how to assess the effect of advertising.

Whether it's a fixed ranking or a competitive ranking, an effective evaluation system should be established rather than simply looking at the click volume, rather than the service company's report. At present, there are even many service companies that do not provide any reports at all, and the marketing personnel of enterprises only pay attention to whether the ranking is ahead of the competition, or whether they are more than competitors. Because we do not know how to evaluate the effect, some enterprises will think that it has no effect, so as to reduce or even stop the search engine marketing. Thus, on the one hand, service companies lose customers, and on the other hand, enterprises also give up an efficient marketing channel.

Thirdly, it is impossible to combine search engine marketing with other marketing activities effectively.

Search engine marketing is not an independent marketing tool. It should be closely linked with other marketing channels and the whole marketing system of enterprises. For example, if a company has any new products or promotions, the market department should give them timely feedback to companies offering search engine marketing services, make certain adjustments on key words, rather than search engine marketing service companies. If an enterprise's market personnel are familiar with key words bidding management, adjusting key words according to clicking situations, improving the process from Click to purchase, the same investment in search engine marketing will produce several times of return.

The search engine Strategy Conference provides an opportunity for the market departments of enterprises to enable them to listen to the experts in the field of search engine marketing at home and abroad in a few days, and to understand the search engine marketing at a relatively high level through face to face communication. From the foundation to the skills, and with a large number of living cases, the conference can make great contributions to participants who have no relevant knowledge base. Learn some ways to make thousands of search engine marketing input more valuable every year. This is the greatest value that the search engine strategy conference brings to participants outside the industry.

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