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How to use the Internet to rapidly enhance brand image

2017-05-20 Onlookers fever 1556 Technical recommendation

In the eyes of most enterprises, Internet marketing is to advertise on the website, to follow suit, and how much the budget will cost to the website. What the network company likes most is such customers, how much traffic the website has, how many hits your advertisement can get, and so on. Anyway, it is just to throw all your money into it. The industry is clear about itself, but there is no way to do it. Everyone has done it, and they have to do so.

One of the important tasks of network marketing is to establish and promote the brand of the enterprise on the Internet, and to extend and expand the online brand of the enterprise. Internet marketing provides favorable conditions for enterprises to use the Internet to establish brand image. Both large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises can display their brand image in a way suitable for their own businesses. But at present, many enterprises believe that the foundation of network brand building is the construction of enterprise website, and then do everything possible to pass some promotion measures, such as bidding ranking, mass mail and so on, and then want to let customers and the public reach their own brand recognition and recognition. Actually, this practice should be practicable in the early stage, but now, with the simplicity of technology, all kinds of enterprises have their own websites. Basically, they can't play any role. Bidding can only make their websites more and more deep. But what we need to understand is that through the promotion of the network of the enterprise, the value of the brand can be transformed into the realization of lasting customer relationship and more direct benefits. Therefore, enterprises want to promote their brands through the establishment of stations, can only be said to be one of the most primitive means of network marketing.

With the rapid development of the Internet and hundreds of millions of Internet users in China, most enterprises have begun to pay attention to network promotion. However, the lack of professional network marketing personnel and the lack of awareness of network marketing have caused many enterprises to invest a lot of money in the network, but the effect is very general. They are only complaining about the promotion of the Internet, but in fact, they can not understand the Internet marketing promotion. If enterprises really want to enhance their brand awareness through network marketing, they need skills, and the first step of network marketing is their own positioning.
Therefore, we must first understand the principles of network marketing: "the principle of network marketing can be understood as the transmission principle of network marketing information, simply speaking: a complete network marketing information transmission system includes information sources, information dissemination carriers and communication channels, information receiving channels, information receivers, noise and barriers, and other basic elements. Unlike the general information transmission system, the information transmission in network marketing is bidirectional, that is, the interactivity of network marketing. Its essence lies in that it is easier for enterprises to transmit information to users, and users can obtain more effective information more conveniently. The general principle of network marketing information transmission is: the effective basis of network marketing is to provide detailed information sources, establish effective channels for information dissemination, and create conditions for facilitating two-way transmission of information.

Below, according to some individual network marketing cases, this paper explains how to improve the brand and popularity of an enterprise by making use of network marketing information and its transmission performance.
First of all, from the point of view of information transmission efficiency, the most important thing in the delivery of corporate advertising is the speed of network dissemination and a good advertising creativity. Good ideas can be spread throughout the whole night. This is the high efficiency and paste of information transmission, and replication is the best way of communication. For example, in the promotion of free space clothing brand, the author skillfully used the first beauty in Shanghai as a model. Through a series of promotional activities, in the shortest time, the key words of "free space + the first beauty of Shanghai" changed from zero to about three hundred thousand in Baidu. This is ingenious and rational use of the public's psychology, through the soft gossip news to do business propaganda, has achieved excellent results. The response of customers is to continue to cooperate and sign the next stage of Internet marketing plan.

Second, we must pay attention to the diversification of information transmitted by network marketing. Simple hard ads are not popular at present. Most pop-up ads are shielded by users. The most intuitive response is basically the same as that of hooligans. Then, we need to adopt various means of communication. At present, websites and enterprises are often promoted through activities to promote online and offline activities. For example, the promotion of Pepsi seven events, first of all, is to hold a comedy MV competition in the network, attracting a large number of netizens to participate in, and let oneself do the net red man. After that, invite more network red people to gather together to hold a news conference. Then the media will report the current situation of the Internet red people's participation in the press conference from all sides, though not to advertise Pepsi, but through the newspaper. The road network red man gatherings also promoted publicity to Pepsi seven events. Such means of communication are currently being used by most enterprises, but only by looking at the channels they have adopted.

Third, I think the most important thing is the event marketing in network marketing. Through the speculation and promotion of events, the purpose of brand promotion is achieved. Speculation is, in other words, nothing to look for, and then to attract public attention. But often difficult to control is how to operate the development of the whole incident, but also the most difficult way of enterprise promotion. Although the openness of Internet speech can be operated by some of its own gunmen, there is inevitably a lot of follow ups. In event marketing, the best platform is forums and blogs. More and more advertising companies are also starting to pay attention to this field. However, due to the restrictions of professionals and channels, they can only be disappointed. The domestic Internet hype masters are able to count the number of people, old wave, Chen Mo, and then another two of them. It's hard to find fourth people. Although there are many experts who claim to be network pushing hands, they are basically self styled, because these people are hard to find channels.

The channel that the author says is very special, it means that you want to hype an event, not a website can do it. The whole network will discuss this matter. At least, it is necessary to recognize the editors of the major websites. You must familiarize yourself with the editors of the major communities. You have to know the famous writers in the network. You must familiarize yourself with the reporters of the major newspapers. You must be familiar with the TV stations. Reporter, only if you master these resources fully, you are familiar with the whole hype process, can you plan an event well, who can integrate all these resources, and money may not be able to do it. Even if the website buys your account, the editor will obey the company's arrangement, but you can't control the thoughts of the writers, so this is very difficult and difficult. Network events can be followed by waves. Every event can be planned behind the scenes, no matter what the purpose is. Now, if we tie the network events with the brand of the enterprise, and when the whole society starts to pay attention to it, will its brand not improve? Because Ya Genv knows the Internet all over the world, Youku because of the video of Zhang Yu's sex, now is the wind and fire, is their brand not planned like this?

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