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What will the 404 page bring to your website?

2017-06-05 Onlookers fever 1463 Technical recommendation

In fact, many new webmasters are blind, because they think that the optimization is outside the station chain, do not pay attention to the station, resulting in what do not know what is the 404 error page. Some proficient webmasters know that the 404 page is very important to the website, that is, considering the user experience, and also considering the normal grasp of spiders. Now let's start with the basic knowledge and understand what benefits it will bring to the website.

404 refers to?
It is said that before the third revolution of science and technology, the form of the Internet is a large central database, which is set up in the 404 room. At that time, all requests were manually completed. If the file requested by the requestor was not found in the database, or because the requester had miswritten the number of the file, the user would get a return message: room 404: file not found. Later, after the rise of the Internet, people were accustomed to using 404 as the server did not find the error code of the file.
404 what impact will the wrong page bring to the website?
Some time ago about the external chain cheating Baidu station owners made a point of view, the website 404 error page also made a unique view, originally 404 pages of the site is of great benefit, when the website was instilled spam information, the garbage information was disposed in a timely manner, there are certain advantages to the website, the website will return a 404 error page, to avoid the impact of search engine on the website. Bad, if the website does not make 404 pages, it will save the content page of the website. When clicking on this page, the page is dead link or the content has been deleted, and the user experience is not good.
The webmaster just gave instructions to the website how to do 404 erroneous pages. If the website does not have 404 pages, how much impact will it bring to the website? Without 404 pages, when the user accidentally misplaces the URL, it will be a wrong web site. Users will need to input from the new website, and the jump rate of the website will be improved. For spiders, when spiders crawl, there will be a dead link on the website, and spiders will jump. Over the web site, a bad impact on the site's collection and ranking has a certain impact. The trust degree of search engines for websites has also been greatly reduced. There are no 404 error pages on the website, and the impact on the website is so great. When they are at the station, the webmasters should consider the following 404 error pages, improve user experience and the friendliness of search engines.

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