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4 principles of H5 responsive website production

2017-06-20 Onlookers fever 2590 Technical recommendation
For the importance of user experience in website construction, the layout of web page has always been the key point of concern for different enterprises and businesses. Details determine the effect of the entire H5 response website construction. No matter the arrangement, the color contrast effect or the font effect, it will eventually affect the beauty and professionalism of the website, and the goal of the website must have a certain degree of feasibility.
1. Analysis.
The goal of website must be analyzed. What is the analysis? Simply speaking, when we meet the needs of users, we get the analysis result of the website. We can get the development rules and requirements of the website at the next stage through analysis. Obviously, the data generated by the website can be obtained through specific analysis to get the results we want.
2, close to reality
      The goal of website development should be based on our own situation. We must know that the cost of making a website by a general webmaster can be calculated. The cost of some servers, domain names and so on in the early stage has already accounted for more than half of the cost. Then the cost of operation and promotion of the later website must be the website that we can afford by the grassroots webmaster. The talent is expected to be completed.
3. Feasibility
This goal is also the most important. If you design a goal that is impossible to execute and complete, then what is the significance of making this website goal? The website target should be a specific user behavior. The specious indicators are not the real website targets at all. For example, we want to increase the number of web traffic, the number of natural IP needs and so on. These are just a good wish, and can not be used to standardize website operation in the fundamental sense.
4, unitary
        There are many examples of webmasters on the Internet. Website goals should be single. The content diversity of website goals should not be too rampant. Otherwise, the more worry factors we encounter when designing websites, then I am afraid you will have the choice of phobia and fear of the tail to design websites. Is there a positive demand?
With the implementation of the above 4 principles of H5 responsive website production, we can better enhance user experience. In fact, the promotion of user experience results mainly from many aspects, such as website opening speed, content on the website, color matching of the website, and website layout. The website is not only a tool for external publicity, but more importantly, how to excavate the potential value of the website and finally bring orders.

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