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Joint group 2020 depth and south day quick repair to achieve cooperation intentions

2020-01-14 Onlookers fever 1118 Company news

Nantian quick repair Affiliated to Guangzhou Qisheng Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is a professional IT equipment maintenance platform. It is committed to providing users with convenient, fast, safe and reliable IT products repair and recycling services. Nantian fast repair is the leading enterprise of Internet maintenance. The initiator of transparent maintenance campaign and Nantian Express repair provide three kinds of services, such as door-to-door, store and mail. With more than 1000 professional maintenance engineers, all of them have been certified. The business scale of Nantian fast repair is ranked first in the industry with household registration tablet, and the national chain is realized through direct operation + affiliate special city expansion strategy.

Nantian fast repair is an important representative of O2O service mode. It always adhered to the direct battalion mode, and formed the quality service system of "multi terminal access to the whole network, offline door-to-door quick repair". At the same time, the platform service engineer strictly carried out the six supervision system to ensure high quality service and serve more than 1000 users.

Main business
Computer maintenance, notebook maintenance, printer maintenance, photocopier maintenance, one machine maintenance, bar code machine maintenance, cash register maintenance, projector maintenance, etc.

Service characteristics
Speed: 3 minutes, telephone customer service response orders, 1 hours engineer arrived at the designated location, half an hour to complete maintenance.
Warranty: 180 days after sales maintenance support
Scope: chain stores nationwide
Training: Nantian fast training college training; monthly engineer assessment mechanism;

6S service standard: smile, sincerity, professionalism, speed, safety and standardization.

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