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Successful signing of Shenzhen Shang Shang Elite Technology Co., Ltd. website construction agreement

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Shenzhen Shang family Elite Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D, manufacturing and sales of solar application products. Its main products are mobile phones, notebook computers and other mobile communications, mobile digital, mobile entertainment equipment charging solar charger, mobile power, solar flashlight series.

Founded in 2011, Guangzhou alliance Mdt InfoTech Ltd is a mature enterprise Internet solution service provider. We are committed to helping every enterprise achieve intelligent Internet operation. Up to now, united technology has 6 branches in the whole country, and employs more than 200 people. The head office now has four major functional departments, namely, customer service department, operation Department, network division and administrative department. Each employee is an elite in their respective fields. We have well finished products, professional technical team and enthusiastic service attitude. At present, it has already served 14 main industries including manufacturing, service, IT Internet, construction and real estate, foreign trade, logistics, retail and so on. There are nearly 100 sub sectors, 20 thousand + enterprise customers.

Lian technology has provided Internet software services for 300 large brands, including more than 20000 enterprises and private enterprises, including China Railway, YISHION group, Alan International Group, Wuhan University, FAW Volkswagen, Guangdong provincial Market Association, Sinopec and so on. It has enjoyed a good project management process, and has strictly controlled the progress and quality of the project through the management module. With excellent technical strength, we won the unanimous praise from our customers.

Omnipotent technology is the guarantee of customer confidence, which is the embodiment of product quality assurance and comprehensive service. Use price, quality and service to explain everything!

With the intensification of the global energy crisis, our company takes the responsibility of developing the green solar energy industry as our responsibility, striving to develop solar energy series products, actively advocate green consumption, and make a steady and solid step towards the first-class international market. Solar energy enterprise strides forward!

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