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Website marketing atmosphere building skills

2017-03-25 Onlookers fever 3993 network marketing
Most service oriented enterprise websites do not attach importance to creating a specific corporate culture for visitors. No wonder, at present, the development of Internet in China has not reached the level of website planning and design. With the development of all kinds of visual website design and production software, companies and individuals who make websites for enterprises in the market are everywhere, a smart high school student. Spend months learning time and create web pages. But we say that these websites have not been carefully planned. They are just the pile up of words and pictures, not to mention marketing ideas. This is not a problem for those who are not familiar with website construction, but the impression of this practice is: to make a website is to prepare relevant information, find someone who knows how to make web pages, and finally publish it to the Internet. It is the existence of this kind of environment that leads to the fact that the websites of enterprises are not good at all. This kind of website without marketing consciousness often can not bring substantial benefits to the enterprises. The enthusiasm of enterprises to establish websites tends to cool down with the passage of time, and eventually the website becomes the display, which can become the most prominent topic of conversation when leading inspection, which leads to enterprises' websites or even the Internet. Lose confidence, but we say that if our small and medium-sized enterprises are not optimistic about the Internet, and do not strengthen the network infrastructure, they often can not reflect the power of the network.

This is a vicious circle.

We are talking about creating an atmosphere of corporate website. The purpose is to let visitors or your potential customers understand your corporate culture. For example, suppose that you want to buy something or need some specific information in the virtual city, so, you come to the market where the mall is built, because you are a representative of a group of people, so in your impression, the shop is decorated and well organized. In the shopping mall, the goods are better than the shops, and the shopping mall without aesthetic sense is better. Then, because there are so many shopping malls, there are so many things that make you feel good. So, you enter a shopping mall with an attitude that you do not care about or take a few more trips (three goods). When you first enter, you are besieged by a group of businessmen and peddled their products to you. There is a lot of noise around the mall, and the market is in a mess. What is more serious is to find the items you need and wait for sale. The clerk asks you for the size you have been waiting for for a century! And finally you see a red fork! At this point, your relaxed mood is occupied by chagrin. The biggest wish is to get away from this shopping mall quickly and swear never to enter such a shopping mall again!

However, strong demand encourages you to enter another store and decorate the shopping mall that you feel comfortable with. When you enter, a gentle music will surround you. She not only drives away all your bad mood, but more importantly, the shop is full of sunshine, laughter, arranged in good order, and the salesperson is smiling, when you walk past them, they will come to you. Nodding your head often, when you need them, they introduce to you carefully. What's important is that you don't have the noise around you, gentle music allows you to have time to think for yourself, you are infected by this particular atmosphere, so you can make the purchase decision easily.

I think the story can be concluded. There will be no scary scene in the first class store. I want to give an example of this. Of course, the last purchase is not to say what products must be sold on the website, but the affirmation and recognition of consumers' business services. From the above story, I hope your website designer or company will pay attention to website design:
Design the front page of your website well.
Pay attention to the collocation of web pages. Every time you use a color, you can say why.
Speed, speed or speed! Don't let your customers wait, otherwise, it will be you who will wait for the end.
Design a navigation that is easy to understand. As for the design of column names, one suggestion is not to list too many professional words.
People are easily moved by moving scenes, thus making decisions about consumption. How to embody in the website? In a word, it comes from life.
People want to know the feeling of consumers who use the same product before buying. One suggestion is to carefully select consumers who are using the product, preferably in a life scene, full of sunshine and smiling, and best to show affection, friendship or love. No matter what kind of website, people are inseparable from these human's most instinctive feelings. The lack of communication in the website requires more emotion to resonate with consumers, thus promoting marketing activities under the Internet and offline.
Where appropriate, collect customer information or feedback. More important is whether anyone collated and analyzed the data and used the results for marketing.
Careful introduction of your product, rather than general, there is no room for communication on the Internet. Do not let visitors leave this question. Do not even expect people to call or ask, or you will lose many opportunities.
Show the benefits of products and services to customers. If there is a consumer's view, of course, the best way to do this is to focus on the consumer's point of view when it comes to introducing products, to explain the benefits to consumers rather than to list a lot of technical parameters.

In short, everything for customers!!

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