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Advantages of blog operation

2017-06-06 Onlookers fever 4146 network marketing

1, choose a good blog program. A good blog program is an important guarantee for the success of blogs. For example, Zblog, Wordpress and so on are excellent independent blog programs. If you do not plan to spend money, Baidu space, Sohu blog and blogbus may be your good choice. You can refer to how to choose bloggers.

2, good bloggers usually have a good domain name and blog name. Bloggers who apply for blog sites must have a good name, so it is easy to remember and easy to set up their own brand. Independent blog is even more so, you can refer to the previous article blog naming.

3, blog is the best. Gorgeous blogs can attract many young friends, but too many effects will inevitably prolong the opening time of blogs, so that many people will lose their patience. High speed, simplicity, ease of use, and distinctive blogs attract most people.

4, appropriate use of pictures. Text is friendly to search engines, and readers update for intuitive pictures. Blog content is different from the framework. It is independent. When you find your blog through search engines, you often open a page, so you don't have to worry about the front page because too many articles make you wait too long.

5, insist on writing articles. If you can stick to writing one article every day, it should not be particularly tiring. If you feel unwell, you can write two articles at the beginning, and write one every other day when it is more stable. The reason why you can write two articles at the beginning is to please the search engines, hoping to arouse their attention. More than two original words may be more difficult for us, so we should not write too many articles every day under the principle of quality. But stick to it. Relatively stable frequencies, such as one or two days a day, are good. Don't write a lot on a certain day, and then have many things for a long time. This is not very good for search engines and loyal users.

6, use simple search engine optimization. Web page title, tag, blackbody, italic, web page first used your keywords in this article. This simplest and oldest optimization strategy is often the most effective. If you are an English blog, you can use keywords in the custom URL of the address. If you are a Chinese blogger, you can use the key words or Pinyin of the keywords in the custom URL, and now support Chinese search engines such as Baidu, Google, YAHOO Chinese and live can be identified.

7, add an internal connection. Adding a link to other articles in your blog can not only increase the interactivity of readers, let readers understand your meaning more comprehensively, enable them to read more pages of your blog, but also make the search engine increase the relevance of these pages, thereby increasing the ranking of public keywords in search engines. The optimization of internal links is very important. If there is a chance, we can give a special explanation.

8, give search engine a link. We generally do not advocate external connections. However, the search engine is an exception. If there are Baidu, Google, YAHOO and live in the page, please give them a connection. Please remember once. The main reason is to please them. When our search engines index articles, there are links to their pages at least good. Secondly, when readers read an article, there will be some clicks. When the search engine receives the steering information of these pages, these pages will be included earlier.

9, pay attention to traffic data. Blog veterans will pay attention to their blog traffic, but not simple PV and IP. They are concerned: what keywords bring PV, where the first foothold is concentrated, what kinds of keywords are passing away, how many subscribers are directly subscribed to, how many users are collected, how many different search engines come, and where to recommend your website. We will have an article devoted to this later.

10, we need quality as well as originality. Many places are mentioning "content is king", but many friends do not understand why it is (maybe I do not understand). My understanding is: write more original, but originality must have real content and meaning. It's not a flow account, not a simple word stack. It's not a useless word stack. It's not... We must go to the people, the article tells the readers what, the article wants to tell the search engine what. Perhaps the most popular word in the Internet world is "existence is reasonable". But what I want to ask is, if an article with only two clicks clicks a month and one thousand hits a month, what do you think is more reasonable? Therefore, content creation is more valuable.

11, appropriate promotion. Any normal thing needs to grow slowly, and so does blog management. Do not overdo spam messages everywhere. This will not only be deleted by others, but will also attract the attention of search engines and even be punished by search engines.

12, enrich the function of blog. There are many modules in the blog, but what do we need most? What do we need to add? Do we need the subscription module? Does the calendar module need? Is the recommended list necessary? Is music module needed? Is the statistical system appropriate? We must understand that no one else has anything but what I want. Too many plugins and modules quickly erase the performance of our blog and show what we need most.

13, there is a forward-looking writing. As for the importance of early writing themes as a location in search engines, we have explained in the previous blog tutorial. The forward-looking article is the potential stock in stocks, "long-term investment", which is worth writing.

14, hot spots can also be written. Although many of the hot spots can not give us long-term traffic, but there are opportunities in the short term.

15, do not care too much about numbers. These numbers include how many pages are indexed by each search engine, the amount of traffic per day, the number of subscriptions, and the amount of advertising fees. These figures are not obtained overnight. Some figures go to bed before going to bed every day. ?

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