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Website construction can bring advantages to enterprises.

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It helps to enhance the image of the company. ?
Generally speaking, an enterprise's establishment of its own website is unlikely to bring new customers and new businesses to the enterprise immediately, nor is it likely to substantially improve business performance immediately. The function of an enterprise website is more similar to that of the company itself and its brand advertised in newspapers and televisions. The difference lies in the larger capacity of the enterprise website. The enterprise can almost place any content that the customer and the public want to know into the website. In addition, relatively speaking, the cost of establishing an enterprise website is much lower than that of other advertising modes. The cost of an enterprise website is only one year. 3~4 Ten thousand, if the enterprise advertises in the newspaper, half page layout, a few days will spend hundreds of thousands of times. Of course, websites and advertisements are two different ways of publicity. They have different functions. They complement each other rather than repel each other. If an enterprise has its own website, it should try to recommend the website in various advertisements and put the specific content in the website. ?
To enable the company to have network communication skills. ?
In China, people often misunderstand the Internet, thinking that e-mail is the Internet. We have seen many companies that use e-mail addresses as web addresses and print them on business cards. In fact, e-mail is just one of the most common and simplest functions in the Internet. The real meaning of Internet is the richness of its content, almost everything. For an enterprise, the symbol of its ability to communicate with the Internet is to have its own independent website rather than e-mail. ?
We can give a comprehensive and detailed account of the company and its products. ?
The most basic function of the company's website is to provide a comprehensive and detailed account of the company and its products. In fact, a company can place anything that people want to know in a web address, such as company profiles, plant buildings, production facilities, research institutes, products' appearance, functions, and methods of use, etc., can be displayed on the Internet. ?
To realize the function of electronic commerce ?
Now, you can implement e-commerce functions for your company on the website. You can publish it on the website: ?
A Real time news release system: Online WEB Release news and trends of company news and various industries; ?
B Real-time quote system ( For example, the transportation industry. ) Shipping: whole cabinet, ocean bulk cargo, air freight quotation, trailer quotation, express quotation, online booking system. ( Customer Booking To Booking reception To Booking feedback ) Cargo tracking and inquiry system; ?
C Online downloading system: including online management, online publishing, etc. ?
D Electronic mall system: you can open your own store on the Internet. ?
E Customer message boards, online surveys, recruitment systems, mailing lists, BBS Forum and so on. ?
And maintain close contact with customers. ?
In the United States, whenever people want to know what new products, new services, or old products and services have changed, or even want to know what news the company has, they will habitually enter the company's Web site. Because foreign companies are used to publishing all new products and new service information on the Internet, and regularly publish information about the company on the Internet. Chinese companies and customers are not accustomed to this kind of contact for the time being, and the contents of Chinese enterprises' websites are generally updated for a long time. But as more and more companies publish products and information online, this situation will change significantly. After all, more and more companies have the ability to network and gradually become accustomed to communicating on the Internet. ?
And establish business contacts with potential customers. ?
This is one of the most important functions of enterprise websites, and why so many overseas enterprises attach great importance to the fundamental reason for website construction. Nowadays, the major purchasers in the world are mainly using the Internet to find new products and new suppliers, because the cost is the lowest and the efficiency is the highest. In principle, anyone in the world can see the public if they know the website of the company. Company's products. Therefore, the key is how to promote the company's website. A very practical and effective way of registering the company's Web site is the world's leading search engine. ( as YAHOO , EXCITE , ALTAVISTA etc. ) Choosing keywords that are related to the products and services of a company can enable potential customers to find companies and products easily. This is the prevailing practice in Jin Dynasty, and has been proved effective by practice. ?
It can reduce communication costs. ?
For many enterprises, the annual communication cost, especially the cost of communication involving import and export, is a huge cost. Using the multiple e-mail boxes provided by the company website can effectively reduce the communication cost, which is a very practical benefit of the enterprise website. ( utilize E-mail The cost of communication is only municipal telephone charges. ) ?
You can use the website to get timely feedback from customers. ?
Customers generally do not actively feedback information to the company. For example, when designing websites, the company adds e-mail and spreadsheets specially designed for customers to contact with the company. Because of the extremely convenient use, the general customers are more willing to use this way to communicate with the company. Therefore, the company can get a large number of customer comments and suggestions.

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