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How to build a website to serve well

2017-02-03 Onlookers fever 4173 Common problem

Guangzhou union Mdt InfoTech Ltd has built up a first class website for small and medium sized enterprises to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction to the standard of Internet application. We all know that website is to do service, buy website is to buy after sale, then how should we build a website to do a good service? Below we promote several services:

1. space record service: if you need to record, please provide business documents, identity cards, photos, record information, we will handle the registration procedures free of charge for you.

2. web publishing service: we will publish the finished website to the well-known search engines both at home and abroad, and carry out all directional publicity, so as to facilitate the collection and prepare for further SEO in the future.

3.SEO technology guidance services: website life is traffic, traffic flows from SEO, and how important SEO is. The website backstage SEO sets up +SEO technical guidance, the combination of two swords makes the website traffic increase day by day.

4. background website content operation consulting service: background operation consultation, customer consultant service, can be communicated through QQ, mobile phone and so on.

5. software problem feedback and Troubleshooting: software program errors, bug reports, repair patches or solutions, special technical guidance for troubleshooting, troubleshooting software.

6. software operation support service: ensure the normal use of the web site, and provide appropriate help for non software reasons such as domain name and host environment, which will help users to identify the causes of the problem and facilitate the solution of the problem.

7. standard enterprise website one-time renewal 3 years preferential fee 1350 yuan, one-time renewal 5 years to send one year.

8. construction website can sign contracts, invoice (plus 6% tax points).

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