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Application of Chinese style webpage design

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Chinese style is magnificent and noble and elegant. Many people are very fond of it. In recent years, a large number of Chinese style elements have been widely used in website construction. Now let's talk about the application of Chinese style in website design.

1, composition.

The key to web page design is to make the layout and layout reasonably and rationally. The use of thousands of years of civilization elements in website construction requires the unique Chinese composition aesthetics. Symmetrical beauty is the core factor of Chinese traditional aesthetics. Symmetrical beauty is expressed in all aspects of Chinese traditional design, such as urban pattern, imperial mausoleum, imperial palace building, Tai Chi chart, coins, swords, couplets, and symmetrical design concepts. There are many kinds of symmetry in traditional design, such as symmetry, symmetry, center symmetry and so on. Symmetrical web page design will make the whole page appear balanced, harmonious, solemn, very generous and beautiful.

Vertical rows can also be used. In ancient China, characters were written from top to bottom, and from right to left. This is widely quoted. To the webpage design, there is a strong flavor of Chinese classical culture.

Blank is also very important. Blank can make "a place full of the world." In webpage design, proper use of blank can make page composition more harmonious and avoid repression. Loose and free layout will also make Chinese style more elegant, fashionable and refreshing.

2, elements.

Straight line: line drawing is one of the most common elements in Chinese style. Vertical row of lines is a distinctive method of decoration.

Fang and Yuan: our ancestor first talked about "heaven and earth", so the clever combination of square and circle was also widely used in Chinese style webpage design. The square gauge is in line with the Chinese character. Round and smooth, showing the beauty of femininity.

Decorative patterns: the ancients used a large number of bases in various occasions, such as ceramics, blue printed cloth, embroidery, window cuts, paper cutting, batik, carving, weaving and so on. Chinese classical decorations include cloud patterns, dragon patterns, even techniques, lines, and so on, which are very good elements of screen atmosphere.

Concrete elements: these elements include ink, ancient architecture, landscape, flowers, scrolls, seals, calligraphy, brushes, window frames, lanterns, bronzes, bamboo slips, old effects, etc., all of which can be applied as long as you want to.

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