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Homepage color style matching method

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The importance of homepage color matching in webpage design is self-evident. Color matching will directly affect the mood of visitors. Excellent color matching will give visitors pleasant and dazzling visual impact. If they are not well matched, visitors will feel restless.

First, the same color matching.

The same color matching refers to first choose a color, adjust its transparency and saturation, fade or deepen the color to produce new colors. Such a page, color seems to be unified music, a strong sense of hierarchy.

Two, adjacent color matching

The adjacent colors on the coloring are adjacent colors, such as green and blue, red and yellow, which are adjacent colors. Using adjacent collocation can effectively avoid color clutter and achieve the effect of page harmony and unification.

Three, contrast color matching

Usually, red, yellow and blue can best reflect the difference between colors. Strong contrast in color can produce strong visual attraction. Contrasting colors can highlight the key points and produce strong visual effects. Reasonable use of contrasting colors can make the website distinctive and prominent. When designing web pages, it usually takes one color as the dominant color, and the other contrasting color as an ornament.

Four, warm color matching

Warm color collocation, simply refers to the use of red orange yellow collection color and other collocation. The use of this tone can create a stable, harmonious and warm atmosphere for the webpage.

Five, coloring and coloring

Cool coloring is collocation with green, blue, purple and other colors. This collocation can create a quiet, cool and elegant atmosphere for the webpage. If coloring is coloring with white, it can produce a better visual effect.

Six, mixed colors with dominant colors.

This collocation is based on one color as the main color, the same color assists other colors to mix and match, forming a colourful but not cluttered collocation effect.

Seven, the contrast between the background color of the text and the webpage should be highlighted.

The contrast between the color of the webpage text and the color of the background must be highlighted so that the viewer can read. If the background is deep, the color of the text must be shallow, usually with a dark background against light color; in turn, the background is light, and the text must be dark.

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